I Did A Richard Simmons’ Video for the First Time. Plus, The Major Milestone That I Totally Forgot About!

When I went to Michigan for Christmas, I took a couple Richard Simmons DVDs with me. DVDs are great for traveling – they’re light and easy to pack. Sure enough, on Christmas Day, when the gym was closed, I popped “Sweatin’ to the Oldies 3” into my laptop and got in a great workout. It was the first time I had done that video. And yesterday marked the first time I’ve ever done “Sweatin’ to the Oldies 4.”


Historically speaking, I haven’t done Richard’s DVDs all that often, mostly because for years, I was able to take his classes and sweat with Richard in person. But now that he’s closed his studio and abruptly (and permanently?) disappeared from the public eye, I’m glad I have the DVDs on hand, even if I only pop one in once or twice a year.

The videos are easier for me than Richard’s live classes were, so I decided to up the difficulty level by wearing my elevation training mask, set to 6,000 feet. If you ever wondered what Darth Vader sounds like while doing dance aerobics… well, you should’ve been in my condo yesterday!


“Sweatin’ to the Oldies 4,” like all of Richard’s videos, are a fascinating mix of aerobics, positivity, classic songs, and camp. This one, which came out in 1992, begins with Richard in a small ’50s-era television studio, inviting us to his Saturday Sock Hop, and then the curtains open and reveal a huge room, with a band on a stage in the back. There’s a gospel choir that enters, singing “Shout!” by The Isley Brothers, before Richard and his back-up dancers appear. A gospel choir! In robes!

I like that so many of Richard’s moves from the video are the same ones we did at Slimmons, 20-some years later. (Although the video also features a move inspired by Pee-Wee Herman; Richard must’ve retired that one.) And there’s a lot of variety, so you’re always on your toes. Other songs include “Proud Mary” (Tina Turner), “Up the Ladder to the Roof” (The Supremes), and “Devil with a Blue Dress On” (Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels).


I’ve done “Sweatin to the Oldies 5” and the original “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” over the years, so the only one I haven’t done is 2. And it’s sitting there, in my DVD drawer, waiting!


Earlier this week, I celebrated my seven-year anniversary. Seven years ago this week I began my efforts to lose some weight, and I’m still going strong. That was an exciting milestone to celebrate… and there’s another milestone I recently reached… and I didn’t even know it!

It wasn’t until after I published my Healthier Cheese Ball post that I saw that it was my 1,203rd blog post. Which means my San Clemente stairs post, which I published last week, was my 1,200th post! WHOA.

I’ve been blogging for nearly six-and-a-half years, and it’s a vital part of my weight loss efforts. This blog is a huge motivator to stay on track. Sharing my story has been so rewarding, in so many ways, but it’s also the main way I keep myself accountable, and that’s incredibly important.

So, happy 1,200th post to me! Here’s hoping for 1,200 more.

Keep it up, David!


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3 Responses to I Did A Richard Simmons’ Video for the First Time. Plus, The Major Milestone That I Totally Forgot About!

  1. Karen Fisher says:

    I hope you open up the studio. I think he would like that.

  2. Nikola says:

    Might try a workout like this sometime myself…

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