I Left Town for a Weekend Getaway… and Stumbled Upon Some Awesome Public Stairways!

I spent the weekend in San Clemente, California – a small beach town in Orange County. My entire family gathered there to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and my sisters and I stayed active by going on long walks both days. It was during those walks that we stumbled across a major find… public stairways that would be fantastic for stair training.


The stairs are all brand new, built as part of the Sea Summit community. Sea Summit is a swanky neighborhood where, if you happen to have a spare $1-2 million lying around, you can buy a beautiful new home. It’s being built on top of a 100-foot bluff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. There’s a lot of open space in the Sea Summit community, and they built over 4 miles of trails in and around the community – including multiple trails up and down the bluff. And guess what you need to climb to get up and down the bluff? STAIRS!


There’s a number of stairways. And while none of them are exceptionally long – the biggest probably max out at around 50-60 stairs – just the fact that there are so many in one area make it a great place for a workout.

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I didn’t have a dedicated stair workout, because I was with my sisters, but our walks included lots of stairs, and I ran up and down a few extra stairways just for fun. Both of our walks were well over an hour. One was 3.2 miles, and one was 4.2 miles, but I’d say roughly a mile and a half of each was spent getting to and from Sea Summit from where we were staying.

Oh, and did I mention that all the stairways had a view of the ocean? That was the best part!


I don’t spend a lot of time in Orange County, but it’s nice to know about an awesome exercise option if I’m ever down that way again. And if you’re interested in checking them out, they’re easy to find: they go up from North El Camino Real, just west of the East Avenida Pico intersection, in San Clemente. (Don’t ask me about parking – we walked there!)

And if you can, stick around for the sunset – they’re gorgeous!


Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to I Left Town for a Weekend Getaway… and Stumbled Upon Some Awesome Public Stairways!

  1. Alexis Garcia says:

    Loved the walks with you, Sarah & Laura. It was a great way to start the day and the views of the Pacific Ocean where beautiful!

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