Today is National Take the Stairs Day! (And I’ve Been Celebrating All Week)

Dust off your sneakers, because today is National Take the Stairs Day! I’ve been going cuckoo bananas with the stairs lately. Over the weekend I climbed to this awesome perch…


…FIVE TIMES! 48 stories x 5 climbs = 240 total stories. And yes, that’s as exhausting as it sounds. Took well over two hours! And, as you can see in that photo, I dusted off my elevation training mask and wore it for three of those climbs. A long, tough, rewarding workout – my first stair workout of 2017 – and plus, it was a fun time with friends.

Ruslan, Leland, and me.

Me, Ruslan, and Leland.

Then, last night, another epic climb at the Aon Center – home to a race I’ve done the past 5 years.


The building is 63 stories to the roof, but for these training sessions we can only climb 51 of them. I climbed four times – 204 total stories – and wore my elevation training mask for all four.


The mask restricts air flow, which replicates what it’s like to breath at higher altitudes. For both these workouts, it was set at 6,000 feet – although it can go as high as 18,000.

I took the mask off between my second and third climb, and that’s when I realized I was breathing so hard I had given myself a nosebleed. Turns out sweat and blood dripping onto my upper lip feels exactly the same!


I had already stopped bleeding by the time I realized what had happened, so I swung by the bathroom, cleaned it up, put the mask back on, and kept climbing.

By the end of 204 stories, I was POOPED.


Between the two workouts, I climbed 444 stories! (The equivalent of four Sears/Willis Towers!)

Here’s the main thing about National Take the Stairs Day, folks. It’s an annual reminder, during a month when so many people are serious about getting in shape, that taking steps towards being healthy can literally begin with just a few steps. So skip the escalator and the elevator… and take the stairs!

You don’t have to be a crazy person (like me) and climb hundreds of stories. I love climbing stairs and competing in stair races (I’ll be announcing my 2017 races soon!), but you’ll get lots of benefits even if you only climb a few stories. Stair climbing is great cardio – it gets your heart rate up quickly – and it strengthens your core and your entire lower body. Lots of muscle groups!


Crazy workouts aside, I embraced the spirit of National Take the Stairs Day by skipping the escalator when I got off the subway, and instead climbed the stairs* all the way up to street level.


Where can you climb some extra stairs today?

*Ok, ok, you got me. I climb the stairs out of the subway each and every time!

Keep it up, David!


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3 Responses to Today is National Take the Stairs Day! (And I’ve Been Celebrating All Week)

  1. Jeff Dinkin says:

    Do you notice people staring at your stair-ing?

  2. Nikola says:

    Keep up the good work. About to do some stair running myself.

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