2016 Year-End Progress Report AND the Debut of My Brand New Weight Loss Chart!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the post I look forward to all year long. Every month I share my weigh-in results and workout progress report. But at the end of the year (or, actually, the start of the year, since this is January 4th) I take a step back, and instead of focusing on one month, I focus on the whole goddamn year. 

And, in order to do that, I’m going to need an assist from…My brand new weight loss chart!


This chart has been desperately needed for a few months, ever since I was forced to start putting my updates on a post-it because I had run out of room. This chart has all the same information as my last chart, but it’s condensed into a smaller space. What was on six pages is now on four.

I condensed it a couple ways. First I used a smaller grid graph paper. The old chart and 8 lines per inch (on the right), and the new paper is 10 lines per inch (on the left):


Every tenth line on the new paper is a little bit thicker, too, which made drawing the new chart so much easier.

Then, I pushed the months closer together. On the old chart, every month I added was 6 lines away from the one before it. Now it’s 3.


As a result, I have tons of room to grow. My current page is mostly empty, and it won’t get full until June 2019.


And there’s room for a page after that, which will take me until 2022 to fill. That’s five more years of charting my weight before I run out of room again!

Drawing the new chart was a three-hour process, and every minute was worth it. The story this chart tells is one that I never want to forget. No matter how crummy my day is, I can see, in one glance, how far I’ve come. I love seeing my starting weight – 402 pounds – and seeing that line drop dramatically. In fact, with this new chart, that line is the most dramatic yet!


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I UPDATED MY CHART WITH MY LATEST WEIGH-IN RESULTS, TOO. You can see it above. I gained two pounds during the month of December. That’s not a shock or surprise, given how much I overate in Michigan – in fact, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it were a little more.

But the great thing about the chart is that it shows the big picture. I started 2016 weighing 256 pounds. And I’m starting 2017 weighing 256 pounds. I maintained my weight the entire year, and, in those 12 months, I only fluctuated within a 5-pound range. That’s a huge success.

Plus, my weight of 256 means I’ve lost and kept off nearly 150 pounds for almost seven years!


Like my weight loss chart, I track all sorts of exercise data using pen and paper, which was all the rage in 1888, when the ballpoint pen was first patented. Yup, I’m hooked on technology from 129 years ago! And with my trusty pen, I notate, on my calendar, exercise duration, activities, and the distance I covered (if applicable).

Keeping these notes is extremely helpful, so I can plan future workouts and look back at what I’ve done. My ongoing goal is to have six workouts a week (and one rest day), and my calendar is a huge tool that helps me reach that goal. Here’s my December calendar:


All those dots signify a workout, with specifics scribbled alongside. Here are the main takeaways:

  • I worked out 27 out of 31 days. That’s an 87% success rate!
  • Nine of those workouts focused on weightlifting (Thanks to the Bowflex Challenge I just completed).
  • I took 1 group exercise class.

A phenomenal month!

Time to add up the data for the entire year! My annual goal is to have more workouts than the year before. Here are my totals from the past five years:

I started 2016 with the goal to hit 300 workouts by the end of the year. Did I do it? The suspense is killing me! I’ll tell you in my next post.


I’ll tell you now. In 2016, I worked out… 297 times. SO CLOSE!

I have no reason to be disappointed. 297 workouts is OUTSTANDING – and an 81% percent rate. I bet, had I not dealt with recurring foot pain, I’d have broken the 300-workout barrier. But that’s life, and there’s no reason to dwell on last year when I have this year in front of me.

Some other 2016 stats:

  • I took 25 group fitness classes. A majority of those were at Slimmons, up until it closed last month.
  • 62 of my workouts were focused on weightlifting (that’s less than the 83 last year, and 109 in 2014, so that’s something to work on in 2017).
  • My workouts average around an hour each. In total, I spent 12.4 days in 2015 exercising!
  • Combine my workouts from 2011-2016, and I’ve worked out 1,664 times in the past six years! That’s almost 70 days of exercise!

The final thing I log on my calendar are my Cardio Miles – the distance, in miles, that I cover doing any kind of cardio. In December, I logged 54.8 miles. My new total is 2,791.8 miles – and 742.9 of them came from 2016!  (And that’s only since summer of 2013, when I started keeping the data!)


My 2016 goal is the same one I’ve had for the past two years… It’s to break the 300-workout threshold! I’m motivated and prepared. So the only thing left to say is…

…KEEP IT UP, DAVID, throughout 2017!


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6 Responses to 2016 Year-End Progress Report AND the Debut of My Brand New Weight Loss Chart!!

  1. goalinreach says:


  2. TC says:

    Great Job David, I love your posts and have been reading them for years, you keep me inspired.
    Keep It Up David

  3. Karen Fisher says:

    You’re such an inspiration. We ❤️ U.

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