WOOHOO! I Started the New Year By Finishing the Bowflex 6 Week Challenge

In November, I kicked off the 6 Week Challenge, using my Bowflex SelectTech 560 dumbbells. It was definitely a challenge, and the timing when I completed it couldn’t have been more perfect.


I found the 6 Week Challenge on the 3DT smartphone app that syncs with my SelectTech 560s. If that sounds super cool and high-tech, that’s because it is! These dumbbells count my reps for me, and the data is sent to the app and displayed on my phone as I go through my workout.

The 6 Week Challenge is 3 workouts a week for 6 weeks. Each workout has 7-8 exercises, and you do multiple sets of each, and it gets harder as the Challenge progresses. Because of the technology and the syncing, the app tracks where I am in any given workout, and when I’ve done the right number of reps, a new screen pops up with information about the next exercise in the program.

Each workout starts with a little cardio warm-up, like mountain climbers or skaters, and then there’s all sorts of lifting exercises (bicep curls, squats, thrusters, tricep extensions… the list goes on and on), and usually a little core work at the end (hellish versions of sit-ups, like v-ups or reach-ups).

You can see the entire workout for the day before you begin, and access videos to see unfamiliar exercises demonstrated for you by insanely attractive fitness models. (There’s also little videos that play during the workout, but I like to learn first, so I know what to expect.)

I began Week 6 a few days after coming back from my Christmas trip to Michigan (where I ate too much and exercised like crazy), and my second-to-last workout in the challenge fell on New Year’s Eve. So my final workout of 2016 included lots of squat shoulder thrusters, front lateral shoulder raises, and reverse lunges with shoulder thrusters, among other things. It took about 30 minutes and I burned 459 calories (another awesome data point that my SelectTechs track!)

Then, I climbed on my Max Trainer, and did a 15-minute stairs program, where I burned 165 calories. A fantastic workout to end the year!


Then, for my first workout in 2017 on New Year’s Day, I picked up my SelectTechs and completed the final workout of the challenge. This one started with burpees, had a bunch of exercises targeting back and triceps, and included 60 push-ups.


It felt so great, after 18 tough workouts, to see the congratulatory display when I was finally all finished.


But my first workout of 2017 wasn’t over. I climbed on my Max Trainer and did that machine’s signature interval program, which only lasts 14 minutes but alternates short bursts of very intense activity with longer recovery periods. I burned 256 calories in those 14 minutes!


The 6 Week Challenge was an excellent way for me to learn and try new exercises, and I love anything that pushes me to see what I’m capable of… and makes me sore as a result!

I feel stronger thanks to the 6 Week Challenge, and that’s a great feeling to have as I start filling my calendar with stair races. I’ve got a bunch coming up in the next few months, that I can’t wait to share on this blog. And you’ll be hearing more about Bowflex, in relation to those races, too! **cough cough exciting announcement coming soon cough cough**

As you know from my monthly progress reports, I track all my workouts, and it was particularly exciting to notate both the final workout of 2016, and the first of 2017. In my next post, I’m doing my big year-end progress report. I’m in nerd heaven collecting and analyzing the data. To quote someone who’s in the news every single day… IT’S GONNA BE HUUUUUUGE!

Keep it up, David!

Learn more about all of Bowflex’s products on their website.


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  1. goalinreach says:

    That’s awesome David!!!

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