December Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

It’s the final month of the year! There’ll be lots of updates in this post, but first, a couple photos from this weekend. On Sunday, I found myself in one of my all-time favorite places… on the roof of a skyscraper!


I met some friends, one of whom works in this particular tower, and I spent close to two hours climbing stairs (and hanging out on the helipad). Stairs always make for an awesome workout, so even though I climbed at a rather leisurely pace for most of this workout, I still burned a ton of calories. It’s about 47 stories to get to the part of the roof where I’m standing, and I climbed it four times, so that’s 188 stories!


I saw a play with a friend on Friday night on the UCLA campus, and there was a great message on the elevator doors in the parking garage:


Every elevator should have this!

OK, now on to the updates! First up, my weigh-in results. I do a weigh-in at the beginning of every month, and, for the third month in a row, I’ve stayed steady at 254 pounds.


Maintenance is always a win!

You’ll note I still haven’t redone my weight loss chart to make room for new additions (I ran out of space two months back), but I promise I will soon, especially now that there’s no room on my makeshift post-it that I used as a temporary fix.

254 pounds, by the way, equals a 148-pound loss that I’ve kept off for almost 6 years. I never get tired of that fact!

For the first time ever, I took a panorama photo of my entire weight loss chart. Lookin’ good!


(You can click on it to see it bigger)

Next update: My Workout Progress Report. You’re familiar with my system, right? I mark all my workouts with a dot on my calendar, and scribble a note of what I did. My goal is to exercise six times a week, and I did great in November.


November has 30 days, and I worked out on 25 of them. That’s a 83% success rate! They were good workouts, too. I took my final five classes at Slimmons (before the doors closed for good a couple weekends ago), and November included the first eight workouts in the Bowflex 6 Week Challenge that I’m doing, so I did a lot of weightlifting as well.

Final Update: Cardio Miles. I track the distance I cover doing any sort of cardio, and count the miles. At the beginning of November, I had 2,687.0 miles logged. By the end of the month, I had 2,737.0, which means I added exactly 50 new miles. I swear I didn’t plan that!


And now we’re in the home stretch for 2016. Only a few more weeks until it’s 2017, and I can publish my Year-End Workout Progress Report (one of the favorite posts of the year; see last year’s here). It’s tempting to slack, because it’s the holiday season and there’s so much going on, but don’t. Keep going. Work hard. Make good choices. Stay active. That’s what I’m going to do!

Keep it up, David!


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6 Responses to December Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

  1. colleen says:

    Would it be to hard to just go backwards on your chart? Start heading back the other way under your current chart? Go back and forth. Maybe just across the bottom pages. Not the pages that are higher. It might look kinda cool cuz it will be so different then the line above it. This line will basically stay straight 🙂

  2. Karen Fisher says:

    You rock.
    You are such an inspiration.
    I wish you would re-open Richard Simmons place.

  3. Sarah Van Houten says:

    Keep it up David! Very proud of you!

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