Thanksgiving 2016 Rewind

I’m back home from Colorado and had a great Thanksgiving with my family. And since I take my annual Thanksgiving Pledge seriously, I wanted to share how I did. Overall, I stuck to the four rules pretty well!

The day started with a 5K Turkey Trot. This was my fourth time running it, and my sister’s third, but this year my sister’s husband and kids joined in the fun too!


Thousands of people of all ages participated, and it was a beautiful, sunny fall day. We were a little chilly waiting for the race to start, but we warmed up once we started running. It was definitely more fun than it was last year, when there was sleet and freezing rain.

It wasn’t a timed event, but I timed myself, and crossed the finish line in 32:56.  I was pleased with that, as I haven’t really run much since the 10K race I did in Detroit in July. Even more exciting was that my nephew Sam (age 10) finished his first 5K in 35 minutes, and my niece Allison (age 8), who had never run more than a mile before in her life, finished with her parents in 50 minutes. A very triumphant morning!

The rules of the Thanksgiving Pledge say that you only need to photograph what you eat during Thanksgiving Dinner, but I went ahead and photographed everything I ate the whole day. HERE WE GO!

Pre-race fuel: a banana.


Post-race breakfast: egg casserole, sausage, fruit.


I also tried a small piece of my sister’s fantastic, homemade pumpkin bread:


And my sister is a big fan of ghee, a clarified butter, so I tried a little ghee on some bread. (It was good, and I totally get why she’s a fan!)


That afternoon, I helped Allison and my sister Laura make place cards for the dinner table. My first time using a hot glue gun in decades!


My brother-in-law Justin does most of the heavy lifting in regards to cooking the big dinner, so my main contribution to the meal was an appetizer Thanksgiving-themed veggie tray. Allison helped me.


PRETTY FREAKIN’ CUTE, RIGHT? Gobble Gobble! The dip was baba ganoush (an eggplant-based middle-eastern dip; this came from a local restaurant), and the tray included cucumber, snap peas, baby carrots, bell pepper (red, yellow, and orange), celery, and zucchini.

One of the Pledge rules is no grazing – all food must be eaten from a plate. I broke this rule in regards to the veggie tray, but I didn’t feel bad about it, because there’s nothing better – or healthier – than raw veggies! I also tried one bite each of the three cheeses on the cheese tray, but I ate them with cucumber slices instead of crackers.


The main dinner was incredible. They turkey turned out great, and amazing sides. Second to none!


The only seconds I got was more veggies from the veggie tray.


And one final veggie: a carrot turkey foot!


My mom and sisters made three pies: rum pecan, pumpkin, and apple. For dessert, I chose a piece of rum pecan and some ice cream. It was tasty, and very rummy (turns out my mom didn’t measure the rum… she just poured some in).


And that’s about it! Oh no, wait – We played some games that evening, and I had some munchies afterwards: more veggies!

And now that’s it. Hope you had a fun and successful Thanksgiving as well!

Keep it up, David!


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