Last-Minute Radio Interview Tune-In Alert! PLUS, My Newest Veggie Roommate

Writing my last two posts were like getting punched in the nuts and the throat. I really need some good news and some levity. Thankfully, this post has both. 

First, the good news: I’LL BE ON THE RADIO TOMORROW! I was asked just a few hours ago, and of course I said yes. I’ll be a guest on the “The Burn: The Bowflex Radio Show,” and I’m going to be discussing my Thanksgiving Pledge and other healthy holiday tips. It’s broadcasting live on Wednesday, 11/23/16, at 11am EST. You can listen LIVE by going to, or, if you’re in the Greenwich, Connecticut area, just tune your radio to AM 1490!

(It will be archived online, too, if you can’t listen live. Go to, scroll through the “Coming Up on WGCH” list of shows until you see “The Burn: The Bowflex Radio Show,” click on the image of host Tom Holland, and then click on “11/23/16.” Maybe wait a day, so they have time to throw it up there.)

I’m super excited. I was a guest on this show back in January, and had a great time chatting with Tom and Linda. Hope you can tune in tomorrow!

Now, for some levity: I HAVE A NEW ROOMMATE! When I started this blog back in 2010, I had never seen how Brussels sprouts grew. So when I can came across whole Brussels sprouts stalks for sale at Trader Joe’s, I jumped at the chance to bring one home to live with me.

My first Brussels sprouts stalk roommate was fun to have around, and even helped with the chores. Since then, I’ve welcome several more Brussels sprouts roommates into my home, and they’ve had a wide array pf personalities and quirks. One stalk borrowed my shoes without asking, another kept eating crackers in bed and getting crumbs everywhere, and a third filled my hard drive with porn and would use my toothbrush.

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I was hopeful I would get along with this roommate!


Turns out this Brussels sprouts stalk was a workout fanatic. He loved using my Bowflex MAX Trainer


…and kept trying to use my SelectTech dumbbells, but it’s weak and can’t even lift one when it’s on the 5-pound setting.


I love exercising as well, so it was nice to have something in common. But I couldn’t help but laugh when it got all tangled up while trying to use my resistance band…


…and it never puts my workout DVDs back in their cases:


Ultimately, like all the Brussels sprouts stalk roommates that came before it, this stalk’s demise came when I got hungry. All that working out couldn’t help the stalk save itself when the amputations began.


Soon, this roommate breathed its last breath and joined the others in the great big Brussels sprouts graveyard in the sky.


Its death wasn’t for nothing, though – it became a core ingredient in a delicious fall dish… and I’m going to share the recipe in my next post!

Until then, I’ll keep playing with my vegetables… and so should you!

Keep it up, David!

Wishing everyone a happy turkey day. Don’t forget to check out my Thanksgiving Pledge for four simple rules to help you enjoy your feast without feeling guilty or abandoning your eating or weight loss program!


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