Take the Keep It Up, David THANKSGIVING PLEDGE, and Enjoy a Guilt-Free Turkey Day!

I feel like Thanksgiving is sneaking up on me this year. It’s next week! It doesn’t seem like a year has gone by since then last time I tucked into a plate of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and the rest, but it has.


It’s the time of year when a lot of people start giving up on their health and weight loss goals. Why bother during the holidays, when you can start over fresh in January? My answer to that is simple: I work too hard during the rest of the year to let go and senselessly gain weight back, especially when I have a plan to get me through food-based celebrations.

And that’s why I created my Thanksgiving Pledge. It’s a way that I can get through this annual feast, enjoy everything I want, not feel guilty, and not open the floodgates for a month-long binge of poor choices.

This is my seventh consecutive year that I’ll be taking the pledge, so I know what I’m talking about! And it’s all been documented on this blog. I first took the pledge in 2010, and I’ve taken it every year since (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015).

Here’s how it works: You pledge to follow four rules on Thanksgiving Day. That’s it. Simple pimple. Here are the rules, with my notes in italics:

Rule #1: I will exercise on Thanksgiving Day.(Any activity will do, whether it’s going for a walk or bike ride, doing an exercise DVD, playing football with the family, etc. Last year I ran a 5K Turkey Trot in a blizzard.)

Rule #2: I will photograph everything I eat during Thanksgiving dinner.(I’ll share my photos on this blog, but I encourage everyone to do this, whether you blog or not. It’s about accountability. Taking a photo creates a record of your choices. You can’t ignore, deny, or forget about the food you’ve eaten when there’s a record, nor can you sneak food, because you gotta take that photo!)

Rule #3: I will not get seconds. I will indulge in a reasonable portion of anything I want, and I will enjoy it, but I will not go back for more. This includes dessert.

Rule #4: I will not graze or pick at food as it is prepared, emerges from the oven, or gets transferred to serving platters or leftover containers. I must place all food that I intend to eat on a plate, and eat it at the table.


Here are some additional tips, because some of these rules aren’t easy.

  • Get your exercise over with in the morning. Schedule it into your day if you have to. It will be harder to do once family and friends arrive, or you arrive somewhere else, and you won’t want to do it after dinner, that’s for sure!
  • Rule #4 can be the hardest, because Thanksgiving dinner takes hours and hours to prepare. So chew gum if you have to, or pop a breath mint. Keep a bag of baby carrots nearby, so if you’re feeling peckish, you can munch on something healthy.
  • If you break a rule, don’t sweat it – just get back on track. I’ve broken a rule or two in minor ways, and I don’t beat myself up. The main idea is that this pledge provides a strategy, and I need that, because otherwise, it can be a free-for-all for my mouth and my fork, and I want to enjoy the holiday – and the long weekend that follows – without regret.

I hope you take the pledge – and drop a line in the comments section if you modify it to suit your situation… your modification may help others!

I’ll share my Thanksgiving photos after the big day. Let me know how it goes for you!

Keep it up, David!


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4 Responses to Take the Keep It Up, David THANKSGIVING PLEDGE, and Enjoy a Guilt-Free Turkey Day!

  1. Charlotte Cavaluzzi says:

    Great advice David! We can all enjoy the day and try not to get carried away! A morning walk is a great idea to start the day. Many blessings to you!

  2. Jen says:

    Great suggestions! I plan on doing them all to stay on track!

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