And So It Begins! I’m Starting a New Six-Week Challenge.

I’m kicking my exercise into higher gear, after a couple low-key months due to injury, and I’m embarking on a new program that will help. It’s the Bowflex 6 Week Challenge, and it’s available on the Bowflex 3DT app that syncs with my Bowflex SelectTech 560 dumbbells.


I got the SelectTech 560s over the summer, and they’re pretty awesome, high-tech adjustable dumbbells that count your reps for you and logs your workouts. Read more about them here. They sync, via Bluetooth, with the 3DT app (an acronym for “3D trainer”), which guides you through workouts, helps you create your own, and has videos to learn exercises.

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While I’ve done most of the one-time workouts on the app, I hadn’t committed to the 6 Week Challenge yet, until Tuesday. It seemed like a good time to commit, because:

  1. It’s only three workouts a week, so I’d have time to lots of cardio, too
  2. It progressively gets harder, which is exactly what I’m looking for
  3. The holidays are approaching, and everything I can do to stay focused and active will help, because I don’t plan on starting 2017 with holiday pounds that I need to work off.

Bowflex says that each of the thrice-weekly workouts (any day I get to use the word ‘thrice’ is a good day) is 45 minutes, but the Week 1, Day 1 workout was significantly shorter. I finished in about 20 minutes. I’m sure the Challenge will get more difficult real quick, so I’m not worried about it. Plus, I ended up doing the Week 1, Day 1 workout 1.5 times anyway, because I was halfway through it when I hit the wrong button on the app, ending the workout prematurely, and I had to start the whole thing over.

All the workouts are laid out, so you know exactly what’s coming when you start it. Here’s the list of the Week 1, Day 1 exercises:


The “i” buttons on the right lead to demo videos of the exercise, if you don’t know what it is (they won’t work here, it’s just a screengrab). I had to watch the V Ups video – turns out they’re a type of sit-up.

I had to modify a few of these, because they require a bench, which I don’t have, but I swapped them out for exercises that targeted the same muscle groups.

I made it through the first workout, and it was fun. I’m trying to not look ahead at future workouts too much, just to keep an element of surprise, but I have glanced, and it’s clear they get longer, and the number of sets increase. That’s why it’s a challenge, folks!

But a 20-minute workout on Day 1 wasn’t enough for me (even though it was actually 30 minutes, because I did it 1.5 times), so I got on my Bowflex Max Trainer, did the 15-minute Stairs program and burned another 169 calories.


Rufus often times lies down right next to the Max Trainer while I’m using it, but this time he was too busy chewing on a toy.


(Bowflex’s website has all sorts of information on the Max Trainer and SelectTech 560s and psst! They’re having a sale!)

The other thing I need to start doing more of is… RUNNING. It’s quite possible I haven’t run since the 10K race I ran in Detroit in July, but my next two stair races will be in stadiums, and will involve lots of running. Plus, I’ll do a 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, and while that’s not a timed race, I want to be prepared.

So on Wednesday I laced up my shoes and headed out. Because it was my first run in months, I anticipated it might be more of a run/walk situation, where I alternated between the two. But that wasn’t necessary. I ran three miles without stopping, and in addition to being surprised at what I could do, the run itself felt pretty good. Tack on .2 miles of walking at the beginning and end to warm-up and cool down, and I covered 3.4 miles in 46 minutes.

Keep it up, David!


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