November Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report

Only two months left in 2016? For real? For real, folks. It’ll be 2017 before you know it. Which means this is my second-to-last weigh-in for 2016, and it’s a good one. Without any further ado, my weight loss chart!


Three things to note:

  1. I maintained my weight of 254 pounds from last month. That’s a 148-pound loss I’ve kept off for almost six years! Maintenance is always a win. Always. I’m proud of this win, because October has been tough for me, with motivation issues and foot problems. (More on all of that in a bit.)
  2. I’ve stayed within a four-pound range for the past eight months. Consistency, like maintenance, is a win.
  3. I clearly haven’t redrawn my weight loss chart, as you can see by the new dot being on a post-it. I’m out of room on the wall to add a new page, so I gotta redraw the whole chart at a different scale to make room for new updates. I’ll do it one day. It’s just that all my drawing time lately been spent making mazes, like this one. (I’m making a book for my niece and nephews for Christmas!) (Check out many more mazes on my Etsy page!)


In January, I’ll be starting my 7th year of graphing my weight!

Next up, my Workout Progress Report. You know the drill: I mark all my workouts with a dot on my calendar, and scribble a note of what I did. My goal is to exercise six times a week. I had a few weeks in October where I worked out only four times a week, and I ended with 21 workouts in 31 days.


That’s the lowest number I’ve had for a month in 2016, but that’s okay. No point in beating myself up. All I do is look to the future and make November as strong as I can. You might remember that my plan was to start ramping it up in November, and I was actually able to start a few days early. I worked out the last five days in October, mixing more intense workouts like my Bowflex MAX Trainer and classes at Slimmons, with lighter ones like long walks with Rufus and using the exercise bike. It’s amazing how much better I feel about so many things when I’m exercising regularly.

Plus, I went to the podiatrist a few days ago, and got a recommendation for insoles. My foot pain is chronic and there’s not much I do when it flares up that I’m not already doing (icing, elevating, resting, stretching). But, hopefully with better support in my shoes, I can cut down on the amount of times that it flares up.

To that end, the doctor recommended the Green insoles, made by Superfeet. They just arrived, I’m about to use them for the first time in a little while.

Rufus says hello!

Rufus says hello!

These were the insoles recommended by my friend Jeff months and months ago, but did I listen to him? Nope. My bad!  Come to think of it, I bought a pair of Superfeet a couple years ago, based on the recommendation of a saleswoman at a running store, but they were the Carbons, not the Greens. I still use them, too, even though they’re probably past their prime, in my old slip-on sneakers that I use to walk Rufus.

I also have a plan B: custom orthotics, based on molds of my feet. But I wanted to try the $40 option before committing to the $300 option.

Between the Superfeet and the exercise streak I’m currently on (six days in a row and counting!), I feel good about the coming month.

I almost forgot! My Cardio Miles! You know this drill too: I track the distance I cover doing any sort of cardio, and count the miles. At the beginning of October, I had 2,628.6 miles logged. By the end of the month, I had added 58.4 new miles, for a total of 2,687.0! That’s more than coast-to-coast across America, although I still haven’t established a new goal distance to work towards.


Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to November Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report

  1. Karen Fisher says:

    Go David! Go David!

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