Still Struggling with My Motivation

I wrote a blog post last month about motivation, and how it had been eluding me. My foot injury had been preventing me from exercising, and then, once my foot felt better, I just didn’t feel like pushing myself to stick with it.

Well, I’ve been feeling the same way lately. My foot has been a near-constant issue for roughly two months now, with a majority of that time either spent resting and icing it, or using it lightly to prevent re-inflammation. I’m tired of dealing with it. (I’ve had one doctor’s appointment already, and another one is on the calendar.)

I haven’t given up exercise completely. For the past couple weeks I’ve exercised four times a week, instead of six, and I’ve kept most of those workouts on the light-to-moderate end of the spectrum because the one time I really pushed myself at the gym resulted in foot pain for two days.

My first workout this week was a class at Slimmons, and I’m going back again tonight. I gotta get my fill of Slimmons classes before the doors close forever in a few weeks!


And even though I’ve had more rest days than is typical, I’m more active on those rest days. My new dog Rufus needs exercise and an opportunity to pee and poo, so I take him on two half-mile (minimum) walks every day, with a third quickie walk right before bed.

Rufus, by the way, is doing well. We’re fully immersed in a training program that will help with some socialization and behavioral issues that have arisen, and we went to the vet the other day, where Rufus was pronounced all better after having an infection in both ears. This photo is from the patio at the vet. We wait out there, so Rufus doesn’t get all riled up by the other dogs and cats in the waiting room.


Oh, and a cute Rufus story: After living with me for a month, Rufus finally noticed the ceiling fan and it scared him. He left the room every time I turned it on or off for a day or two. He seems to have conquered his fear, though, or maybe he just forgot it’s up there. Either way, no ceiling fan issues lately.

In addition to the walks with Rufus, I’ve been active in other ways on my rest days. I went with my cousins to a corn maze, where we wandered through a four-acre field trying to find our way.


I went last year, too. As a maze artist myself, I love corn mazes! And my little cousin Espen cooked me in a cauldron, too.


To be honest, the hardest part about taking the extra rest days is forgiving myself. I sometimes feel pummeled by guilt that I’m not doing every possible thing at every possible moment to be as healthy as possible. But I’m doing what I can, and still eating well, and that’s good. I know I’m in this for the long haul, and a week or two at 75% instead of 100% isn’t going to ruin everything. The key is to have a plan to return to 100%, so slipping below 75% isn’t an option.

My plan is to enjoy the rest of October at this current rate of engagement, and start nudging myself back into harder, stronger workouts in November. I have a couple races in December that I need to train for, so they’ll be a huge motivator. Planning is key, my friends. I plan my meals, my workouts, as much as I can!

Keep it up, David!


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7 Responses to Still Struggling with My Motivation

  1. Pat Brown says:

    On the subject lack of motivation or forgiving yourself, are you familiar with tapping? You might want to check out Hope you find it helpful.

  2. Pat Brown says:

    I’m sorry I listed the wrong info for the tapping site. The one I meant to tell you about is I think it is Nick Ortner’s site. He has lots of good information online, and a book.

  3. Charlotte Cavaluzzi says:

    Hang in there David! And try not to beat yourself up for not being able to push yourself so hard. We always have to listen to our bodies, which I’m glad you are doing. This too will pass! On another thought, Rufus is soooo handsome!! It sounds like you are getting lots of exercise with him alone! Keep up the good work!

  4. colleen says:

    Motivation ebbs and flows …….Be determined instead of motivated… “Determination trumps Motivation every time!

    I’m new to your blog. Heard you recently listening to Heathers Podcast and you were on. Love the blog and seriously love Love LOVE Rufus! the egg funeral was pretty awesome too. Kidding aside what an accomplishment you have achieved….like DAMN! And truthfully I never heard of stair racing before…personally id rather do almost anything before I would willingly walk up that many flights of stairs much less R A C E up them lol but thanks for schooling me on a sport I didn’t even know existed! And WOW on those times of yours. One last thing I can’t think of many things more cool then having your reflection on those shirts….so very cool. Hoping you find your motivation but in the mean time dig into that determination thing 🙂 Good Luck!

    • David says:

      Thank you, Colleen, for stopping by and leaving such a nice, thoughtful comment. Welcome to Keep It Up, David! Love the sentence about determination vs motivation. I’ll remember that!

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