I Scored an Exclusive Coupon Code for Nuzest Clean Lean Protein, and You Can Use it Too! Save BIG!

Keep reading for an exclusive offer for Keep It Up, David readers!

I’ve been a long-time drinker of protein shakes, and lately, I’ve been enjoying Clean Lean Protein, a protein powder made by Nuzest. I’ve tried all their flavors, like vanilla…


…and chocolate.


One of the things that’s great about Clean Lean Protein is that is comes in a couple more flavors, too. Chocolate and vanilla are standard protein powder flavors, but other flavors are more rare. Nuzest, however, has strawberry and coffee.


I’ve tried them all. I’m not a coffee drinker, so the coffee flavor didn’t appeal to me, but the other three are delicious. They also have something that even rarer still: an unflavored protein powder. They call it “Just Natural,” and it only has one ingredient: pea powder isolate.

Yup, Clean Lean Protein is made from European golden peas, which they say is the “most potent vegetable protein around.” As a result, their products are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and GMO free.

And they’re not kidding about the ‘clean’ and ‘lean’ in their name. A single serving packs in 21 or 22 grams of protein, depending on the flavor, and all flavors have 90 calories or less, and 1 gram or less of carbs and fat.

Nuzest sent me a tub of Just Natural, and I first tried it by itself, and it’s definitely an acquired taste. Just because it has no added flavorings doesn’t mean it doesn’t have flavor, and it tastes chalky and a little bitter.

But I didn’t notice that when I mixed it up in a smoothie with other flavorful things. This week, I’ve been making a morning protein shake with frozen raspberries, fresh peaches (the final peaches of the year!), a handful of leafy greens, and milk.


My raspberry peach smoothie!


A great way to start the day.


I’m excited to see what else I can do with Just Natural protein powder, like add it to savory dishes (soup!) (quinoa!) (sauces!) that could use a little kick of protein. More news to come as I play around with it!

In the meantime, the folks at Nuzest have provided a super cool coupon code that you can use. They sell 17.6 ounce tubs of each flavor, and single-serving pouches, and have a variety pack so you try a bunch of flavors. Use coupon code DAVID for 15% off and free shipping when you spent $50 at nuzest-usa.com!


There’s no expiration on the code, either. Use it again and again, and tell your friends, too! Spread the savings!

And enjoy the Clean Lean Protein – I think you’ll like it as much as I do.

Keep it up, David!


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    Slimmons is closing did u get the email from Sherry? Felise

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