I Cancelled My Gym Membership and Here’s Why.

It’s the end of a chapter in my life: I’ve cancelled my gym membership at Crunch, after four and a half years.


Crunch is a great gym, but it’s time to move on.

I signed up for Crunch before their Burbank location opened in the spring of 2012, because they were offering pretty awesome enrollment deals. I got an even better deal a few weeks later, when they pulled my name out of the hat during a raffle and gave me a free year’s membership – a prize that included a photo shoot!

Since then, I’ve been a loyal Crunch member. They let me complete a 163-story StairMaster challenge there (where I raised over $1,500 for charity!). I was hooked on their Powerwave Battle Ropes class for a while, and loved their Kangoo class as well (although they only offered it for a couple months). I once blogged about a renovation at their West Hollywood location, when they removed windows in the locker rooms, so showering members weren’t unknowingly put on display. (True story!)

Ultimately, though, my workout needs have evolved. I’m working out at home a lot more now, thanks to the Bowflex equipment I’ve amassed over the past couple years. I’m still taking classes at Slimmons, despite Richard Simmons’ absence, and they satisfy my group fitness class needs. Plus, I’ve become an avid racer since joining Crunch, and I find myself working out in stairwells or on public outdoor stairs.

A few months ago, I began realizing that I was only going to Crunch about once a week, and completing my other five weekly workouts elsewhere. And even though Crunch is a great facility, I couldn’t justify spending $61.49 a month for one workout a week.

This past spring, I enrolled in a second gym, called Planet Fitness. (I also joined one over the summer in Michigan.)  It’s closer to me than Crunch, and they had a promotion where you could sign up for $10 a month. It was a no-brainer to take advantage of that promotion, and for a few months I was enrolled in both gyms, just to see what I liked more. There are pros and cons to both, but it really boiled down to price, and I much prefer paying $10 a month than $61.49, especially given how little I use it.

My final day at Crunch was September 30th. During the week leading up to it, I went to both locations to use, one more time, my favorite machines that they don’t have at Planet Fitness. At the Burbank location, it’s the Marpo Rope Trainer, a strength machine where you pull a never-ending rope.


It works most of your upper-body muscles and makes you feel like a pirate.


At the West Hollywood location, I used the Jacob’s Ladder, where you climb an endless ladder. It’s exhausting and a great cardio workout that engages all the muscles I use in my stair races, but because I was still on the mend from my foot injury, I couldn’t use it as much as I would’ve liked.


The Jacob’s Ladder, by the way, also makes you feel like a pirate.

I’m going to miss a couple things about Crunch. Their clientele is disproportionately comprised of drop-dead gorgeous people (like yours truly), so the eye candy was always top notch. Plus, the trainers (also gorgeous) were very friendly and helpful. I worked with one trainer, Mo, for a while, and learned tons that I still use today. (Mo, meanwhile, recently quit the fitness industry to focus on acting, and was just on “NCIS:LA.”)

But I’m not going to miss it just yet. A few days after my membership ended, they sent me an email asking me to fill out a survey, and in exchange they gave me two weeks. So I went yesterday and got my two-week guest pass, and used the Rope Trainer, the rowing machine (another gem that they don’t have at Planet Fitness), and an elliptical that has built-in free weights.

I thought I was done with Crunch, but I’m not quite done yet!

Keep it up, David!


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3 Responses to I Cancelled My Gym Membership and Here’s Why.

  1. Charlotte Cavaluzzi says:

    David good luck at Planet Fitness. I joined ours when it opened about 5 years ago and really enjoy going there. Being a senior citizen, I never feel out of place when I’m there. Such a great group of people, all trying to be healthier. I think you will enjoy it and the price is the best!

  2. Jeff Dinkin says:

    2 weeks? If I was management (or ownership) at Crunch – I’d give you a FREE LIFETIME membership! It would be an investment that would pay great dividends!

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