October Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report and SIX FLAGS!

My recent race and trip to New York made for exciting blog posts, but it also delayed my monthly weigh-in update. And I’m going to delay it a few paragraphs longer, so I can share a couple photos from Six Flags!


The first post on the blog, in 2010, was about going to Six Flags Magic Mountain. It was my first time at a theme park in about a decade, ever since I was booted off a roller coaster for being too fat. I went back to Six Flags a couple years later, but this was my first time in 4 years.

I went with my friend Jen. We went together six years ago, and this time around, we sprung for annual passes that are good until the end of 2017. It was a busy day, and the lines were about an hour or so, but we went on some good coasters, including their newest, called Full Throttle. We also went on their tallest coaster, Goliath.


The great thing about an annual pass is that there’s no pressure to cram everything in by the end of the day. We can ride everything we missed next time.

Eating well is important to both Jen and me, but healthy food options are hard to find there. We wandered a little bit, until we found JB’s Smokehouse Barbecue, which had entree salads. Jen got a tri-tip salad, and I had grilled salmon on mine, balsamic vinaigrette on the side.


I wouldn’t be impressed if I ordered this salad in the real world, but in a theme park setting, surrounded by funnel cake, fries, and nachos, it was very satisfying.

The big downside from the outing was that all the walking aggravated my recently-healed foot, so I’m back to icing and elevating. The good times never stop.

Time For My Weigh-In Results! I have an official weigh-in once a month, and the results this time around was… A ONE-POUND LOSS!


I feel like I worked hard in September, although the month got off to a rocky start, thanks to being sidelined for a week by a prior flare-up of the aforementioned foot injury. I’m very pleased with the loss. I currently weigh 254, which means I’ve lost 148 pounds and keep them off for almost six years!

You may remember last month, when I said I was running out of room on my weight loss chart, and had no space to add a new page? Yeah, well, I haven’t addressed that problem yet. I used a post-up to add my new number this time around, but will figure out a new system soon.


Next Up: My Workout Progress Report! I track all my workouts on a calendar, and in September, I worked out 23 days out of 30.


That’s a little low for me – a 76% success rate, while my goal is 85% – but that’s because of that week I was sidelined at the beginning of the month. When my foot flared up again in the middle of the month, I kept exercising, doing seated weightlifting, often while icing my foot simultaneously. In fact, I had 8 weightlifting workouts in September – my highly monthly total in 2016 so far!

Lastly, My Cardio Miles. I log all the miles I do during all my cardio, no matter what kind. In September, I added 46.7 miles to my total, bringing me to 2,628.6 total miles. I still haven’t figured out a new Cardio Miles goal, since I reached my last goal this summer, but I’m keeping track anyway – and I’m well over 2,600 miles now. Super cool!


Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to October Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report and SIX FLAGS!

  1. Rob @ Nautilus says:

    Newsflash: 76% workout success rate is pretty damn good in any month even without an injury. I say, “well done” oh and keep it up, David!

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