A Busy, Busy, Busy New York City Weekend in 20 Photos

My stair race wasn’t the only big event of the weekend, it was just the first. Hours after the race, I was on a redeye to New York City! The reason for the trip was my cousin’s wedding, but I tacked on a couple days to visit friends.

My cousin Rob and his new wife Chloe know how to throw a party. It was a formal, black tie affair, which meant I wore a tuxedo for the first time since my junior prom! Pretty snazzy.


(I posted another tuxedo picture on Instagram; see it here!)

The ceremony was at a church in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the reception was at a fancy country club in Westchester County, New York, that looked straight out of “The Great Gatsby.”


It was a fantastic, extravagant party, and a helluva good time. In an effort to keep this blog post a reasonable length, I posted all my food pics from this trip, including a couple from the wedding, on my Twitter feed. Check them out here!

I jumped on a train the next day and headed into Manhattan, for 48 hours, during which I saw lots of landmarks. First stop was my hotel, to drop off my suitcase. The train arrived into Grand Central Station, across the street from the Chrysler Building.


I was staying at the Pod Hotel, two blocks from Grand Central and Chrysler, and after swinging by, I headed to Hoboken, New Jersey. This required transferring trains at the World Trade Center. I was flooded with memories from when I raced up the stairs in the inaugural One World Trade Center race. Sunday was gloomy, so I couldn’t even see the building’s spire at the top.


Since I was there almost a year and a half ago, the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub opened, and the main concourse, called the Oculus, is a soaring, light-filled space that I definitely wanted to check out.


It’s designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and while he was inspired by a bird taking flight, it also kinda looks like a giant dinosaur’s rib cage.

I went to Hoboken to visit my friends Heather and Adam, who just had a baby. Another friend, Molly, was there, and she didn’t know I was coming, so that was a fun surprise! Here we are, with baby Atticus:


And I held Atticus, too!


I was there for the rest of the day. We ordered Indian take-out, and Molly, her brother Matt and I walked a mile and a half to pick it up. That’s the great thing about New York – there’s so much extra walking, just getting around the city!

So even though I didn’t have a dedicated workout on Sunday, I still got a lot of activity in. I walked that 1.5 miles, plus additional ground getting to and from train stations and such.

On Monday, I started my day with a nice 3.8-mile walk, where I passed by many more landmarks, like the Flatiron Building…


…the Empire State Building…


…and the Museum of Sex.


I didn’t go in. Well, I went into the gift shop for a hot second. It looked like an Apple store: lacquered white surfaces, and lots of glass, but instead of iPads and MacBooks, there were vibrators and whips.

Here’s my route for that walk:

nyc-walking-routeAnd my workout didn’t end there! When I got back to my hotel, I climbed all the stairs to the top.


There were 18 stories, and a cool rooftop bar that was empty, because it was the morning.


Later I met up with my friend Vikki, and took a quick detour after through Times Square, which is just as obnoxious as ever, thanks to all the tourists like me who stop on the sidewalks to take selfies.


I met up that night with my friends Paul and Natalie at the fountain in Lincoln Center, where Paul works.


We had dinner at a place called Jones on 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen, and after, Paul and I got some drinks (Diet Coke for me) at a bar up the street called Rise. I was supposed to meet up with another friend, Aaron, after he got off work at 11:30pm, but I had to bail. I was just too tired.

I only had until 2pm on Tuesday before I had to head to the airport for my flight, but I made the most of it. I started my day by going on a bike ride for my workout. New York City has a bikeshare program called Citibike, and there was a station a block from my hotel. A bikeshare is where you pay a fee ($12 in this case) to rent a bike for 24 hours. You can only have the bike for 30 minutes at a time, though, but you can check it out again immediately after you return it, so that’s no big deal. And there are 500 bike rental stations across Manhattan and part of Brooklyn, so biking is a really convenient option.


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At first I was a little scared of biking on the streets of New York City, but it actually wasn’t scary at all. Tons of streets have bike lanes, some of them protected from the rest of traffic by a curb, and I even saw traffic lights that were just for the bike lane. And, on my ride, I saw even more landmarks, like the East River…


…the United Nations building…


…and I stumbled across what might be the only cul-de-sac in Manhattan, in the East Village:


In total, I went 7.4 miles.


After I showered and checked out of my hotel, I met my friend Amy for lunch (she’s also a sponsor for all three of my fall stair races!), and we chatted for about an hour and a half at a little French restaurant across the street from Bryant Park. Then I walked 13 blocks to a subway station and started making my way out to JFK.

All in all, it was a great trip, and an exhausting one too. New York City moves at a different, faster pace than Los Angeles, and while I’m grateful for all the extra activity, it also wore me out. I slept like a baby the night I got home!

Keep it up, David!

Don’t forget: You can see all my food pictures from this trip on my Twitter feed.


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