Why Yes, That IS My Face on 4,000 Race Bibs!

My race recap from the Stair Climb for Los Angeles at the US Bank Tower is a thorough account of what happened last Friday (read it here!), but there’s one major thing I left out. They put me on all the bibs!


That’s me, looking up at the building! How sweet is that? I wish I could say it was a surprise for me, but it wasn’t. A couple months ago, Geoff, the graphic designer, reached out. He had seen that picture on my recap from last year’s race, loved it, and wanted my permission to use it on all the bibs this year. “You, as an elite runner… in front of the building would be just perfect,” he wrote.

Uh, let me think about that… YES, YES, YES, OF COURSE! I sent Geoff a larger, high-res version of the picture (since I resize all the photos you see on this blog), and a couple weeks later, he emailed me a mocked-up version. It looked awesome. He turned the photo from color to black and white, and it’s an striking image. (Yea, I know, I’m biased.) A week before the race, Geoff sent me an update: 4,000 bibs, all with me on them, were at the printers.


Keeping all this under my hat was tough. I only told one of my stair-climbing friends, Jeff, and made him swear to secrecy. Every time I saw someone that I knew would be competing at the race, part of me wanted to scream and shout and share the news, and bottling that up was a challenge.

It was worth it, though. There was a bib pick-up the day before the race, and soon my friends were posting and commenting on Facebook, and saying they wanted my autograph.

Even though I had seen the mock-up, I held my breath when I picked up my bib the day of race, and it looked even better in person than it did on the email.


I loved walking around and seeing me pinned to the front of the every single participant. After the race, on the observation deck, my West Coast Labels climbing team took a group photo, and I’m attached, literally, to each and every one of them, including eight of the top ten finishers among men and five of the top ten female finishers.


My buddy Lucas, who’s lying down in front, won the race, and set a new building record to boot. He climbed the 75 stories in 8:46, breaking his own record from last year by 10 seconds. Wanna know why he did so well? Because of the awesome bib, D’UH!

I typically throw out my bibs after a race. I know people that save them as mementos, but I prefer medals, photos, and blog posts. This bib, though, didn’t end up in the trash. It’s going to end up in a frame!

Keep it up, David!


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10 Responses to Why Yes, That IS My Face on 4,000 Race Bibs!

  1. Dana says:

    Simply awesome!!!

  2. fullpofit says:

    That is so awesome! What a cool thing for you.

  3. Karen Geninatti says:

    My favorite bib EVER!!

  4. Jeff Dinkin says:

    This is so badass, and well deserved! FYI – I didn’t keep it a secret, I told all my cats.

  5. G.M. Grena says:

    Really happy for you, David! Shame on me for not even recognizing you when I picked up my bib, assuming it was just another paid-professional fitness model.

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