The Most Frustrating Thing About My Foot

On Saturday, I aggravated my foot injury while hiking. The very same injury that sidelined me at the beginning of the month, the one that sabotaged my motivation. And just when I had finally pulled myself out of that hole, that hike pushed me right back in. UGH! Sidebar: Injury aside, it was a great hike. I scattered my dog’s ashes, spent quality time with friends, and Tavi took this picture, which I absolutely love:


So, this week has been spent nursing my bum foot. Again. To catch everyone up, I have a recurring pain in my feet that’s some sort of inflammed ligament or tendonitis. It usually flares up once or twice a year, although I’ve on a hot streak lately: it’s been twice this month in my left foot, and my right foot flared up in July.

There’s nothing medically I can do, either, except rest it, ice it, and elevate it. And I’ve been doing all of those things. Anne, a trainer at Slimmons, showed me some foot stretches that dancers do, so I’ve been doing those, too.

A few weeks ago, I took the injury as a sign that I should cool my heels, and I took about a week off from exercise. I’ve been keeping active this past week, though. I may not be able to put weight on my foot, but I could plant myself in a chair and do all sorts of seated upper body weightlifting with my SelectTech dumbbells.

I’ve done four of these workouts, while icing my foot simultaneously. I picked some TV shows and told myself I couldn’t watch them unless I was doing my workout, and that helped motivate me to get started. So, I exercised while watching “This Is Us,” a new NBC drama (loved it), “Better Things,” a comedy on FX (highly recommend), and “Finding Prince Charming,” a guilty-pleasure dating reality show on Logo (a train wreck that I can’t turn away from).

Now, five days after the hike, my foot feels 95% better, but I’m scared to use it. That’s because I have a 75-story stair race a week from tomorrow, and the last thing I want is to aggravate my foot again before the race and have to bail.

Which leads me to the title of this post: it’s dawned on me that my foot has screwed me for this race, and I hate that feeling. What’s best for me, long term, is to play it safe and make sure my foot is OK. I’ve already lost two weeks of stair training to this injury, and playing it safe means I’m going to lose more, and I simply won’t be in the shape I want to be in on race day.

On the other hand, I could push myself to get back into fighting form, and potentially injure my foot again. That’d be a risky choice to make.

So there’s no good path that would lead me to an excellent performance at the race. I’ve been thinking for months that I could get a PR at this race, and, during the past few days, I’ve been revising that goal.

I’m no longer focused on the PR, I’m focused on the experience: I’m going to show up, have fun, enjoy hanging out with friends from around the country, cheer them on, climb the stairs, and do the best I can.

There will be a lot to celebrate, regardless of my performance. Like pushing through a tough month, not letting something out of my control (like an injury), stop me from participating, and oh yea, even on a slow day, I bet I can climb a 75-story building faster than most people on this planet!

Keep it up, David!


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7 Responses to The Most Frustrating Thing About My Foot

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    eeek, having just recovered (almost…about 97%) from my own foot injury, I can completely empathise!!

  2. Puccicat says:

    All the very best. Hope your foot gets resolved.
    You are a great inspiration.

  3. G.M. Grena says:

    Another great reason to do the race next Friday is that out of several-thousand participants, you’ve got a 2-digit bib waiting for you!

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