28 Things That Motivate Me, Just When I Need It Most

Check out my new medals rack! And then, when you’re done checking out the rack, check out all my medals!


I’ve been earning medals for a few years now, by competing in races. For years, I didn’t have a good way to display them, so I piled them up in a bowl on an end table.


In case you haven’t figured it out for yourself, a bowl is a terrible way to display medals. You can only see the ones on top, and they get all tangled up.

A few months ago, I began looking for a medals rack. It was a tough search! There are lots out there, but most of them had either words or quotes or cutesy phrases on them, which I wasn’t interested in, or they didn’t have enough pegs.

I found this rack on Etsy, and it was perfect. Simple. Wooden. No extra adornments. A nice dark shade of blue that looks great on the lighter blue wall where it would hang. And 21 pegs for medals! The Etsy shop where I bought it is called Rack My Medals and guess what! You can save $5 on your purchase by using this code during checkout: RACK5OFF2016 (it expires at the end of the year).

I like supporting Etsy sellers, because I have an Etsy shop too! I sell my hand-drawn mazes, like this one, so go check it out!

The rack arrived last week, but I just got around to hanging it yesterday, and it was the perfect project for a guy that’s currently struggling with motivation to exercise.

Seeing all my medals, especially the ones that had been buried at the bottom of the bowl, was a fun trip down memory lane. I’ve done a cool events, and earned some fantastic medals!

I hung similar medals together. At one end of the rack are medals from my stair climb races in landmark buildings, like Willis Tower, 1 World Trade Center, and the Space Needle.


Most of my medals are from stair races, but I have handful from running races, too, so I clumped those together at the other end.


You can see the medals from my first-ever trail run, and extremely difficult uphill races in Palm Springs and Culver City, and I’m pointing at the first medal I ever won, back in 2011,  from a 10K race around the Universal Studios Backlot.

Now I’ll be walking past these medals every time I enter or exit my bedroom, and seeing them all up on the wall like that is a powerful reminder of what I’ve done in the past six years. I didn’t realize I had so many! There are 28 medals hanging on that rack (and there’s room for more), and they don’t even represent all my races, because I’ve done many races that didn’t pass out medals.

But what I’m focusing on right now is each medal represents a day in my life where I showed up and gave something my all. And, as a result, I’ve accomplished incredible things, like racing up the tallest buildings in town, that never would’ve been possible at 402 pounds.

I’ve changed my life for the better when I lost 160 pounds, and it continues to improve every day I keep that weight off. These medals push me to keep going, partly because I love seeing what I’m capable of, and partly because I WANT MORE MEDALS!


Plus, now I have another bowl I can eat Cheetos from. Kidding. Or am I? I am.

Keep it up, David!


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9 Responses to 28 Things That Motivate Me, Just When I Need It Most

  1. Barbara Ross says:

    that is awesome. keep it up David.

  2. Laura says:

    Love it David! 🙂

  3. sunningdale476 says:

    So, are you grouping these by year, by race, by ribbon color; or all tower runs and then all others? Inquiring minds need to know. Thanks for the post, keep it up.

    • David says:

      Thanks! They’re less organized than they could be. Right now tower runs are lumped together, and for the most part, annual events are on the same peg, so all my CF Climb medals are together, etc. I didn’t even consider ribbon color, but it turned out nicely in that regard!

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