3WAYS2 Gussy Up Your Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Blink of an Eye!

I have some great tips on fun ways to eat hard-boiled eggs, but first, a quick shout-out to my pal Dawn Jackson Blatner, because she inspired this post. I met Dawn at the Fitbloggin’ conference a few months ago, and she had sets of three simple tips and tricks for everything. It was very impressive, and rather brilliant: It’s easy to remember three ideas, and easy to share them, too.

So I devised 3WAYS2, which I’m planning on making a recurring post on this blog. These posts will be devoted to sharing 3 ways that you can make positive changes in regards to your health and weight loss efforts. They may be about food, exercise, dealing with challenges… all the stuff I’ve learned on my journey (and continue to learn), broken down into easy-to-remember sets of three.

I thought about calling these posts “3WAYS,” but I figured I might disappoint people searching for… um… OTHER kinds of online content, so now it’s “3WAYS2.”

The first topic? 3WAYS2 Gussy Up Your Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Blink of an Eye.

I love hard-boiled eggs. They’re one of my favorite grab-and-go snacks: high in protein, easy to make, easy to eat. I often buy hard-boiled eggs at truck stops and gas stations on road trips, and I boil my own frequently, too. While I often peel an egg and eat it plain, I also do these three things to add some flavor and variety… and all can be done in a matter of seconds!

1) TOP IT. Try this 3-ingredient topping: smear a teaspoon of smoked-salmon flavored cream cheese on half a hard-boiled egg. Then add couple slices of red onion and a few capers.


This is amazing. It’s all the classic bagel-and-lox flavors, without the bagel and all those carbs! Don’t have smoked-salmon cream cheese? Use plain, or whatever flavor you have. Eggs and cream cheese are a great combo, by the way. Next time you scramble some eggs, add a few dabs of cream cheese while they’re cooking. You won’t regret it.

Other topping ideas: Bacon jam, pepper jelly, or wrap the egg half in a slice of turkey breast.

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2) RUB IT.  Create a simple spice rub, and dip your egg in it as you eat it. My spice rub is constantly evolving, but right now, I’m loving the combo of turmeric (an incredibly healthy superfood), fresh-cracked black pepper (which boosts the effectiveness of the turmeric), and the Original blend of Mrs. Dash (because it adds a lot of flavor but is salt-free).  I just sprinkle some of each on a plate…


…and roll the egg in it before taking a bite:


Other good spices to use: Dill, chives, paprika.

3) MASH IT. It’s so easy to make a little egg-salad-ish concoction with one egg. Put the egg in a bowl, and add:

  • 1 spoonful nonfat Greek yogurt (an excellent mayonnaise substitute)
  • 1 spoonful of your favorite mustard (I used a lot of dijon, because I love it, but you may like less)
  • 1 spoonful relish.


Then mash it all together with a fork. It takes 20 seconds. You can smear it on a lettuce leaf and make a carb-free little wrap, or just eat it with the fork, which is what I did.


Other classic egg salad ingredients you could add: diced celery, scallions, a dash of hot sauce.

What are your favorite ways to eat hard-boiled eggs?

One more exciting thing before I go: I’m featured in a new article on the Psychology Today website! It’s called “Scaling the Walls of Health: How One Man Lost 160 Pounds and Kept It Off For Six Years,” and you can read it here. I met the author, Kristin Meekhof, at Fitbloggin’ as well, and was honored when she asked to interview me about the connections between weight loss and mental health. I hope you enjoy!

Keep it up, David!


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  1. Mom says:

    Those eggs are perfectly and beautifully cooked!

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