September Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report

Before I start with the scale, charts, data and all that, here’s how I’ve been spending 30-minute chunks of time, two or three times a day:


I mentioned at the end of my last post that my foot was starting to bother me, and what I really should’ve said was that it was bothering me a whole lot. It’s painful all the time and it hurts to walk. So I’ve been icing and elevating it, and I don’t mess around with the icing part. No frozen bags of peas here. A bucket, filled with ice water, and my foot goes in for 30 minutes at a time, after which it feels completely numb and tingly. If I can stand it for longer than 30 minutes, I go longer. As this very moment I’m about 41 minutes in, and coming close to my breaking point.

I’m no stranger to this bizarre inner foot pain, where there’s no signs of injury, like redness, bruising, or swelling. If I rest it and ice it, it’ll go away in about a week and I can go back to my routine. (And I’m on Day 4 of this episode.) I’m appreciative that my feet are so kind as to take turns crippling me. My right foot went on the fritz most recently, when I was in Indianapolis, and now it’s my left foot’s turn!

I haven’t exercised since Monday, and of course a weigh-in happens three days into a forced and unplanned rest period. So let’s see what the scale says, shall we?


UP FOUR POUNDS. The pessimist in me is groaning, and the optimist in me thinks I’ll quickly lose it once I can start exercising again.

THE GREAT NEWS IS THAT I’VE LOST AND KEPT OFF 147 POUNDS FOR OVER FIVE YEARS. I never tire of looking at my weight loss chart… and because it’s in my closet, I get to see it every day!


My chart is 6 pages long, and I’m now out of space on the 6th page. I don’t know what I’m going to do, because there’s no room, in the current configuration, for a 7th page, but I have all month to figure out a solution to that problem. What a great problem to have: I’ve been at this for so long that the wall is too short!

NEXT UP: My Workout Progress Report. I log all my workouts on my calendar with a dot and a scribbled description of what I did. Here’s my August calendar:


25 DOTS! I was consistent most of the month, using Friday as my rest day and working out every other day, but then this foot injury added two extra rest days on the 30th and 31st. 25 workouts out of 31 days is an 80% success rate, a bit lower than my 85% goal. (Had I not had this foot injury and worked out those last two days, my percentage would’ve jumped up to 87%, but oh well!)

I also went to Slimmons three times in August, and lifted weights six times.

Finally, my CARDIO MILES. I log all the miles I do during all my cardio, no matter what kind. In August, I added 48.1 miles to my total, bringing me to 2,591.9 total miles. I still haven’t figured out a new Cardio Miles goal, since I reached my last goal earlier this summer, but I’m keeping track anyway – and I’m closing in on 2,600 miles…. super impressive!


Keep it up, David!


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3 Responses to September Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report

  1. LM says:

    Hey! I came to your blog while looking for a stair climb training guide. Congrats on your weight loss – – and for keeping it off.

    Wondering how you keep track of you cardio miles.

    Thanks for your help.

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