Look Out Behind You… It’s a WATERMELON SHARK!

The most dangerous, conniving, ruthless shark of them all isn’t a great white or a hammerhead… it’s a watermelon shark!


They’re rarely seen most of the year, but during the summer, they might show up at your picnic or pool party and devour all the fruit in sight.

I made this watermelon shark on Friday night, and I took a ton of pictures. You can also watch videos on YouTube. There’s a whole bunch, but I just watched a shorter one earlier in the week, got the gist, and then figured it out as I went along.

And yes, you read that right: this is how I spent my Friday night.

I started with a 15-pound watermelon. (It cost me $7).


Since I knew how much it weighed, I started by doing some military presses with it.


Then I got to work. I sliced off the bottom, so it would sit flat, and at an angle fitting for a shark.


Then I cut out a wedge, for his mouth.


I peeled some of the green rind off around the edge, so the teeth would be a different color than the skin.


I scooped out all the flesh from inside the melon – as much as possible.


Everything that got scooped out went into a bowl that I would later use to make fruit salad.


Then I carefully cut the teeth…


…and dug out some eye sockets. His eyeballs are grapes, which I secured into place with toothpicks.


Creating the fin was the hardest part. I wanted the fin to be green from both sides, so I cut mirror-image fin shapes out of the bottom part that I sliced off, trimmed them up so they matched, and cut a big notch into the back of the shark for them to fit into.


I ultimately had to use twine to tie it together in a couple places…


…and the underside has toothpicks helping everything stay put.


Figuring out the fin was the hardest part, but I was stoked with how well it came out. I was also stoked because he fit perfectly in my 13″ x 9″ glass pan.

Final step was to make a fruit salad. I only used red fruits (watermelon, grapes, strawberries, raspberries), so it looked nice and bloody. Most of it fit in his mouth, but the rest went into the pan.

TA-DA! Watermelon shark!


He was a big hit.


And his fruit offerings were delicious.


WANT MORE FOOD CARVING IDEAS? I’ve made an apple swan, a cucumber shark, olive-and-carrot penguins, and a model of Stonehenge made out of cantaloupe.

Keep it up, David!


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9 Responses to Look Out Behind You… It’s a WATERMELON SHARK!

  1. Dana says:

    Love it! Needed a smile this morning and seeing this made me laugh. Thanks!

    • David says:

      I finished it at nearly midnight, and I was so freakin’ excited and happy and smiley that I couldn’t go to bed for another 2 hours! Glad you enjoyed.

  2. jensils says:

    This is so fun – I WILL be making one 😉 Heard you on Half Size Me. Thank you for sharing your incredible story. I am almost 50 pounds down; have that much more still to go, but I am not giving up.

  3. Laura L. says:

    My little ones will love this and it encourages healthy eating in a fun way!

  4. frankriese says:

    Haha! 😀 that’s awesome!

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