For the First Time in 9 Weeks: Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report!

I don’t do official weigh-ins while traveling, since I’m away from my weight loss chart, so I missed my July weigh-in entirely, and I’m a week late for my August weigh-in. Better late than never! I stepped on the scale, nine weeks after my June 1st weigh-in, and here’s what it said:


Down two pounds! I’ll take it. A weight of 251 means I’ve lost and kept off 151 pounds for 6.5 years. That’s pretty awesome!

Here’s my entire weight loss chart – I’m pointing to how close I am to adding another piece of paper to the wall:


There’s a little more to the story than a two-pound loss. Even though I was 2,000 miles away from my chart, I did weigh myself twice during the six weeks I was gone. The first was at my sister’s place, towards the end of June, where I learned I had gained about four pounds since the first of the month. I wasn’t surprised. I had been dealing with a major loss – the death of my dog – and I ate a lot. I’m human.

A couple weeks into my time in Michigan, I weighed myself again, and I had lost a couple of those pounds, and that was inspiring. All told, I lost six pounds during July. My mom estimated, when we were driving to the airport on my last day, that I had lost five pounds, just based on how the shape of my face had changed, and she was pretty much spot on.


I mark each workout with a dot on my calendar, and notate what I did during the workout. Here’s the June page:


I worked out 25 times in 30 days, including two classes at Slimmons and four weightlifting workouts.

And here’s July:


I worked out 26 times in 31 days, including five weightlifting workouts.

Add ’em up, and I exercised 51 out of 61 days: nearly a 84% success rate! (My ongoing goal is 85%.)

Lastly, time for Cardio Miles. For the last three years, I’ve been tracking all the miles I cover running, biking, rowing, elliptical, etc., My most recent goal was to accumulate 2,500 miles – the distance from the Pacific to the Atlantic (along Interstate 10) – and I reached it a few weeks ago. So I’m thinking up a new goal, and in the meantime, I’m still tracking the miles.

In June, I added 46.1 miles…


…and July was a killer Cardio Miles month. I racked up 130.5 miles – which I’m pretty sure is a one-month record-breaker for me!


The number is so high for a couple reasons. I rode a bike a lot: 47 miles when I was in St. Joe, and another 17.5 in Indianapolis. In between those two, I ran a 10K race in Detroit, and logged some good distance at the gym preparing for that. Lastly, after I hurt my foot in Indy, I did a lot of recumbent bike at the gym, because it was no-impact and it kept my weight off my foot.

And I’m not slowing down. I returned to LA with a plan: to begin training for my fall stair races. I’ll share info on those races soon, but my next post will be about how I jump-started my training. The facts and figures are kinda blowing my mind!

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to For the First Time in 9 Weeks: Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report!

  1. goalinreach says:

    You’re amazing!!! Thank you for being a bright spot of inspiration ❤️

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