My Fourth of July Was Filled With Biking… 47 Miles Worth!

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day! I’ve been traveling all over the midwest since my last post, going from Chicago to Springfield, Illinois (I have a special post coming about this stop) to St. Joseph, Michigan to suburban Detroit, where I’m writing this now. I spent the actual holiday in St. Joseph, where more than 20 members of my family congregated. Fun at the beach…

That's my sandcastle!

That’s my sandcastle!

…a selfie with my sister Sarah and a moving train…


We raced up and down a big series of ramps to get to this spot before the train.

…and pretty sunsets over Lake Michigan.


There were a couple days where I ate much more food than I normally do, but I diligently tracked all the excess snacky stuff (chocolate-covered almonds! brownies! croissant-like rolls!) on My Fitness Pal (a relatively new thing I’m doing, inspired by my sister). Seeing the calories add up and exceed my daily maximum is a powerful way to keep myself accountable.

I was, however, an exercise fiend. For three days in a row, I went on long, fantastic bike rides. I love biking in St. Joseph – it’s something I blogged about last year – and the year before. But I haven’t ridden this far in so little time before.

On the first day, I went 12.3 miles, on an out-and-back route to downtown St. Joseph, with a few extra loops and detours thrown in.


On the second day, I went 17.2 miles, on a route I’ve done before.


I love this route. I devised it a few years ago specifically so I could ride past the house my grandparents used to live in.


I have so many memories from visiting this house multiple times every year as I was growing up, and the people that live there now have done a great job maintaining it.

I didn’t intend this ride to be 17.2 miles. It should’ve been a little over 14 miles, but I confused two streets, and when I realized my mistake, I decided to keep going and tack on a couple more miles, instead of backtracking.

On the third day, I had two goals: to go further than 17.2 miles, and to ride down the street that my mother grew up on, in neighboring Benton Harbor, from beginning to end.


Success! 17.6 miles, and a ride down Columbus Street. I don’t have pictures because it was drizzling the whole time.

That’s 47.18 total miles and 4 hours of riding over three days, and, according to Runkeeper, 2,889 total calories burned.

Keep it up, David!


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