A Beautiful Weekend in Chicago

I was about to start this post by inviting everyone to guess where I was, but I already blew it, thanks to the title I chose. So… Greetings from Chicago!


That’s the rooftop deck in my sister’s building. And if you’re thinking it’s completely awesome, well, you’re 100% correct!

After Maude’s death, I really wanted to get away from Los Angeles, and Chicago was the perfect choice. I was already planning on coming here later in the summer, and Laura works from home, so when she suggested I come early, and work out of her home too, I jumped at the chance. I can do my job from anywhere (provided I have my phone and laptop), and I love this city. It was an easy decision.

I’ve always loved Chicago, but my feelings have evolved ever since I raced up the stairs of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in November 2014. I can’t look at the skyline anymore without feeling a tinge of pride and connection to the tallest building in town, and I feel that tinge all the time, because you can see the Willis Tower from everywhere.


I arrived late on Friday night, and we’ve kept busy since. On Saturday, I accompanied Laura to a work meeting in the morning, and then we went back to her place and did the Workout’s a Drag DVD I brought along with me. Later, we headed to the movies, and saw “The Shallows,” an intense, suspenseful shark attack movie (it was pretty good, although with a ridiculous ending). I even splurged on popcorn.


That night, we made cauliflower-crust pizzas. Laura had been curious about them since I shared the recipe on this blog. We used Trader Joe’s riced cauliflower – which eliminated the agonizing chore of grating an entire cauliflower head – and we each made our own pizza. I topped mine with anchovy, spinach, arugula, tomato, feta, and of course sauce and mozzarella cheese.


I calculated that my pizza was around 600 calories. Laura’s was around 500. For the whole thing. An entire dinner-plate-sized pizza for 500 or 600 calories! That’s the magic of a cauliflower-based crust. And Laura loved it!

I met my friend Rachel for lunch on Sunday (I got a burger, but only ate a 1/4 of the bun, and had sauteed zucchini instead of fries), and afterward, Laura and I went to the Chicago Pride Parade.


It was really fun. The parade was two hours, with lots of music, floats, dancing, and as you can see, no shortage of balloons.

With the weekend over, today I buckled down to work, although I stepped out at lunchtime to meet my friend Leslie for a quick bite (I got a spinach salad with grilled salmon). After work, I drove with Laura to her group fitness class, but I went for a run while the class was going on. We were pretty close to Lake Michigan, and it was a beautiful day to run along the water.


I went a little over 4 miles, although I don’t know exactly, because I accidentally turned off my Runkeeper before I finished. D’oh!

Oh, and I’ve climbed the stairs in my sister’s building a couple times since I’ve been here, too. It’s only 6 stories, but it’s a beautiful stairwell – with windows!


Speaking of my sister, she’s had a wonderfully inspirational year, and I’m gonna tell you all about it in my next post!

Keep it up, David!


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