Workout’s a Drag!

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for someone to release a workout video with drag queens. The wait is over. Check out “Workout’s A Drag“!


This was a project I supported on Kickstarter. My friend Craig Ramsay created it – he’s a personal trainer, author, and fitness expert, and five years ago, I was taking his boot camps left and right, and doing personal trainer sessions with him, too. This is us, back in 2011:


If Craig looks familiar, maybe it’s because you’ve seen him on two Bravo shows: “Newlyweds: The First Year” (with his husband, Brandon Liberati), and “Thintervention.”

I was just reading my first blog post about Craig’s boot camp, and got a flood of good memories about how challenging and fun that class was. Craig knows his stuff and pushes you, all while exuding positive energy and creating a supportive environment. I also blogged about my first training session with Craig, read it here.

The lady next to Craig on the DVD cover is Pandora Boxx, a fierce and funny drag queen and one of my favorite “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestants. Pandora competed in Season 2 and the All-Stars season, and was one of the most frequent Drag Professors on the spin-off makeover series “RuPaul’s Drag U,” which was about empowering biological women to embrace their inner diva. Between the two of them, Craig and Pandora know a lot about transformation. It’s a good combo for a workout video!

Pandora signed a photo for me! (It was part of my Kickstarter package.)

Pandora signed a photo for me! (It was part of my Kickstarter package.)

Craig leads the workout, which lasts about an hour. It’s divided into seven sections: Warm Up, Cardio Blast, Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, Booty, and Stretch. Each section has five exercises. Craig’s an inventive, creative guy, so I wasn’t surprised at all that there so many fun, unique, different exercises. Oh, and it’s tough! There were a couple that really made me struggle, like the Mermaid Pushups, which are one-handed, while you’re on your side…


…the Happy Poppers, where you bounce your legs out from side to side…


…and the Curtsy Lunges, which are a version of a side lunge:


The workout is great, and the video is entertaining, as well. Pandora serves as the host. She doesn’t do the workout, but she’s the official timekeeper, and is cracking jokes the whole time – and makes a few costume changes, too.  There are four others demonstrating the exercises, and two of them, Lucky Madison and Cake Moss, are drag queens in full hair and make-up. (I can’t imagine doing this workout tucked, wigged, and fully made up like that!)

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Another fun element is that the whole video is staged as a performance, so Craig, Pandora, and the others are on a stage, “performing” the workout for an audience, including many other drag queens. Because it’s a performance, everyone is encouraged to pose at the end of each exercise. In honor of the drag queens, everyone, including Craig, does the Booty section in heels, although you don’t have to (I didn’t).

Craig is great at teaching the exercises, although it’s a little skimpy on modifications, if you’re a beginner or really advanced. And there’s a big social media push that got a little tiring. They’re creating a social media support community, which I appreciate, but there’s too many pauses where you’re encouraged, again and again, to make videos of your workout and post them online.

All in all, though, it’s a fresh, fun take on a workout video. I got a wonderful workout, the time flew by, I found myself drenched with sweat by the end, and I laughed the whole time. It’s pretty much everything I’m looking for in a workout… plus drag queens!

Keep it up, David!

Visit the “Workout’s a Drag” website to buy the DVD or instant online access.


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2 Responses to Workout’s a Drag!

  1. Deb says:

    OH CRUD! I cannot even IMAGINE doing a workout in full drag, and I’ve never even been in it! Wigs, hose, padding/falsies/whatever the term is (hey, I come with my own padding so don’t know these things :-). I hope they had the a/c turned to arctic in there. Looks like a fun workout, except like all the others – the folks featured will all look better than me! 🙂 Deb

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