June Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

I weighed myself a couple days ago, as I like to do when a new month arrives, and I’m pretty much the same weight I’ve been for the past few months (since two pounds isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things).


Hey, I’m happy. Maintenance is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a win, and I’ve maintained a huuuuuuge weight loss (do your best Trump impression while reading this sentence) for five and a half years.

A weight of 253 means I’ve lost and kept off 149 pounds. BLAMMO!

But honestly, I’m tired of being in the 250s, when I know I can be in the 240s or even the 230s, because I’ve been there before. I just need to work harder. It’s not a lack of knowledge. The issue is execution – the same thing that millions of people struggle with when it comes to weight loss. Well, folks, I’ve had a lot of success, and I still struggle with it, too. And I probably always will. And like you, sometimes I’m motivated, and sometimes I’m less so, and right now I need to find some new motivation.

My chart always works to inspire me, though – that’s why I’ve kept it on my wall for over 6 years!


And I’ve been great with exercise lately – I worked out 26 out of 31 days in May. (I mark each workout with a dot on my calendar, and notate what I did during the workout.)


I got ill earlier this week for a couple days, right after my sister and niece left town. It was nothing major – just some sort of stomach/GI issue – but I moved my rest day earlier in the week, and added another rest day the next day, so I could recover. It happened to fall right as the month turned, so the final day of May and the first day of June were rest days. It’s not a big deal, but I track all these things, and I get a mental boost by starting and ending each month with a good workout. That didn’t happen this time around, but 26 out of 31 days is still a nice result.

I also did a lot of cardio, which bumped up my cardio miles total a nice amount. I track all the miles I cover running, walking, biking, rowing, etc., and am working towards a total of 2,500 miles – the distance from the Pacific to the Atlantic (along Interstate 10), and I added 76.0 miles this month. My cumulative total is 2,357.2 – less than 150 miles to my goal!


Lots to be cheerful about this month!

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to June Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

  1. Barbara Ross says:

    your doing a fantastic job. keep it up . just keep putting one foot after the other.

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