A Very, Very, Very Long Walk Around Redondo Beach

First things first: I totally have to brag about a friend. CNN ran a great story on Friday about stair racing, and it stars my friend Lisa. The video is simply stunning. Beautifully shot, a wonderful message, totally inspiring. Read the article and watch the video here.


That’s Lisa and I before the San Francisco Fight For Air Climb last month.

I’ve made so many incredible friends through stair climbing – supportive, motivating folks that I’ve learned from and grown with – and Lisa is one of them. It’s exciting to see her recognized in such a major way. Keep it up, Lisa!

Moving on… I met up with a couple friends over the weekend for a 9.1-mile urban hike through Redondo Beach and Torrance. My blogger friend Melissa alerted me to the event on Facebook, and it was right up my alley. The organizer, Dan, plotted a route that included 37 public stairways. The route had a total of 742 steps up, 348 down, and between the steps and some hills, a total of 1,000 feet elevation gain.

The hike began and ended in a park right next to the beach, and it was a gorgeous southern California day.


One of the staircases had a mosaic mural on all the rises, and Dan arranged for one of the artists to meet us there and talk about creating it. It’s a lovely piece of public art – here I am with about 1/6th of it:


The best part was hanging out with Mark and Brian, two friends who moved to California last year, but I hadn’t hung out with yet.


After the four-hour hike was over, we went and got lunch at a place on the Redondo Beach pier (I had an egg white omelet).  The whole morning reminded me of a 6-hour urban hike I did a couple years ago in Silver Lake.

I’ve been doing a ton of walking lately. With my seventh and final American Lung Association stair race done and over with, I’m due for a little downtime. That last race was awful (read the recap here), and it totally sent me in a depression, which I’ve been slowly climbing out of.

The depression was triggered by the race, but I think there are other issues at play as well, and one of them is that I’m simply physically and emotionally drained from all the racing. Burned out. I’ve had at least one major stair race every month since last September, and that’s a lot of racing. When my knee started acting up a few weeks ago, I knew I was overtrained, and now that I have a little break from racing, I’m taking it easy.

And that’s where the walking comes in. Walking is a great way to get some activity in without pushing myself too hard. Plus, I’ve done most of it with my dog Maude, and she loves hitting the sidewalks just as much, if not more, than her old man does. I’ve walked 22.5 miles in the past week or so, and that’s just my workout walks. In addition, I take Maude out for a couple 1/2 mile walks every day so she can do her business (she’s in finance), but I don’t count those towards my cardio miles.


I’m going to continue taking it easy for another week or two. At some point I gotta kick it back up in high gear, because I just signed up for two races in June, but for now, I’m gonna recover, and I’m going to enjoy it.

More news to come regarding those June races!

Keep it up, David!


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7 Responses to A Very, Very, Very Long Walk Around Redondo Beach

  1. Charlotte Cavaluzzi says:

    That’s good that you are tuning it down a touch David, so that your knee can rebound. I have been a walker for many years and really love to do that for exercise. The picture of you and Maude is priceless. The best walks ever are with our fur babies! Blessings!

  2. Jen Levin says:

    Is Maude in finance because she deals with leaving deposits around town? 😉

  3. Barbara Ross says:

    maude looks like a much loved dog.

  4. Jeff Dinkin says:

    “She’s in Finance” meaning it’s a “S&*T Business!” 😉

    “Taking it easy” – “Down time.” Uh huh…..

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