Gussy Up Your Brown Rice With Three Simple Ingredients! PLUS: Another Use For Bacon Jam!

My last post featured my recipe for Stuffed Peppers, and when I made them, I paired them with an easy side dish that was perfect for spring: Lemon & Carrot Brown Rice. All you need is three extra ingredients to turn your brown rice from boring to spectacular!

You’re going to basically prepare the brown rice according to the package, with three slight adjustments. (Not on board the brown rice train yet? Check out this article for 10 reasons why brown rice is better than white rice.)

1) Replace 1/4 of the water with lemon juice. You need one cup of liquid for every cup of dry rice, and since I cooked two cups of dry rice, I replaced 1/2 cup of water with 1/2 cup of lemon juice. Math is fun! I juiced some Meyer lemons I got from a friend, who grew them in her backyard.


If you wanted to boost the lemony flavor even more, use the lemon zest, too. I forgot to zest my lemons before juicing them, and zesting a juiced lemon is a pain in the neck, so I didn’t do it.

2) Add thyme to the cooking liquid. Lemon and thyme go great together. When I started the cooking process on the stove, I added a liberal amount of dried thyme to the pot. Probably 2 tablespoons.

3) Add carrots halfway through the cooking process. Brown rice takes about an hour to cook, and at the 30-minute mark, add one cup of shredded carrots per one cup of dry rice that you started off with. Don’t add the carrots at the beginning, because they may get soggy. If you add them later, they may not cook through.

My Veggetti made shredding my own carrots easy-peasy, but you can buy shredded carrots at most grocery stores (ff they’re not near the bagged baby carrots, they’re probably near the bagged salad mixes).


And that’s it! Finish cooking the rice, and your dish in complete! The lemon and thyme makes it taste bright and fresh, but not too tart, and the carrots boost the nutrients and add color.


This would go great with fish or seafood, because lemon pairs well with fish and seafood too.


OH! And remember the bacon jam I blogged about a few weeks ago? I used it to make a tasty appetizer that took about 90 seconds to put together: Bacon Jam BLT Bites. Start with your favorite cracker, smear on some bacon jam, and top it with a piece of baby spinach and half a grape tomato. All the tastes of a classic sandwich, with hardly any effort.

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I used Kumato brown grape tomatoes, which I had never seen or heard of before, and they were sweet and tasted like… tomatoes.


Here’s the tray of Bacon Jam BLT Bites, half-completed:


And a close-up of the finished project:


Maude was very interested in bacon jam, more so than any other people food thus far, but she didn’t get to try any, because 1) I don’t give her people food, and 2) it has onions in it, as onions are poisonous for dogs. Sorry, Maude!

I still have some bacon jam. Hmmm… what other healthy snacks or meals can I make with it?

Keep it up, David!


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