My Current Favorite Workout Songs – April 2016 Edition

Gosh, I haven’t done one of these posts in a while! Music is an important part of my exercise program. I listen to it as often as I can. I tend to get in little ruts, too, where I find something new, listen to it again and again until I get sick of it, and then move on to something new. Am I the only one that does that?

Time to share some of the songs that I love right now (and will be sick of in a few months).

In my last post, I mentioned a sneaky little plan I devised to help me during my San Diego stair race. I wanted to finish in under 5 minutes, 32 seconds, and needed a way to know how I was doing without looking at my watch. So I found two songs that, combined, are 5 minutes, 35 seconds long. Pretty clever! That way, if I finished a few seconds before the second song was over, I knew I’d get my personal record.

The first song, which is 2:49, is my current favorite song. It’s called “Go Big or Go Home,” by American Authors, and it’s a alternative rock song with an rousing chorus and a bluegrass/Americana vibe.

If you like it, check out “I’m Born to Run” by the same band. Also a great workout song!

The second song, which is 2:46, is called “Fools Gold,” by Manicanparty featuring Too Many Zoos. It’s super horny, by which I mean there’s lots of brass instruments. Also lots of fun percussion.

Check out this post, where I share another Manicanparty song, “You Are My Soul.”

Next up: “Too Close” by Alex Clare. This song will forever remind me of my little trip to Laughlin, Nevada, because that’s where I was when I bought it. It’s a good rock song, also with fun percussion, and I just learned this dude is British, which I never would have guessed.

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A few weeks ago, I watched a Norwegian singer named AURORA make her US TV debut on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and it was a good performance. So I checked out more of her music. “Running with the Wolves” isn’t the song she sang on Fallon, but it’s my favorite. It’s a little mellow in the beginning, but picks up, and has a great hook. It’s a good warm-up and cool-down song.

The last piece of music I’m sharing may seem unconventional, but give it a whirl. It’s an orchestral composition by Eric Whitacre called “Equus,” and it never fails to put my butt in gear. I fell in love when I heard it being played live by the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl last summer, and bought it the next day. There are complex parts and simple parts, but there’s an extraordinary build throughout, and the climactic passage, between roughly 6:14-7:30 in the YouTube video, inspires me in a way other music doesn’t.

Ok folks – I’ve shared. Your turn! What are your current favorite songs to play during your workouts?

Keep it up, David!


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3 Responses to My Current Favorite Workout Songs – April 2016 Edition

  1. G.M. Grena says:

    Sorry, couldn’t resist an opportunity for humor! I actually prefer silence. Need to stay in tune with the sounds of my heartbeat, breathing, & security guards approaching to see what the heavy-breathing’s all about…

  2. Mary says:

    Very clever! I’ll try it. Thanks!

  3. Go Big or Go Home is a great choice! Great playlist here. Thanks for sharing!

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