#BirthdayBurpees: Tallying Up the Damage

On Saturday, I invited all of you to give me a horrible birthday present: burpees. I promised to do burpees every time you liked and shared my #BirthdayBurpees posts on social media, and you guys responded in a great big way. (It’s not too late to assign me burpees! Click here to do your part.)

So – how many burpees do I have to do? The grand total is… 1,068 and counting!

That is a LOT of burpees! I was kinda hoping for over 1,000 – just so I could do more than the 1,000 I did for last year’s #BirthdayBurpees challenge, but I have to admit I am getting a slight sinking feeling in my stomach, because… 1,068 burpees? What have I gotten myself into?

That’s why this is a challenge, my friends. Challenges aren’t easy. I made my bed, now I have to lie in it.

I began doing my burpees on Saturday, the day I issued the challenge. I did 50 in the morning at home, and then later, at the gym, I did 70 more (50 regular and 20 with a Bosu ball, which are even harder). That’s 120 for Saturday. My gym has these ellipticals that have free weights attached, so I used one of those for 25 minutes too, where I would rotate between 2 minutes of elliptical and 20 reps of a free weight exercise (like bicep curls, military presses, etc.).

I had a meeting to go to late Sunday morning, so I did 50 burpees before it, 50 burpees after it, and 30 burpees at the end of the day. I also did a 15-minute Stairs program on my Bowflex MAX Trainer, during which I learned that my new dog Maude will try to attack my shoes while I use the machine. I didn’t try to stop her. It’s pretty cute, and doesn’t impede my workout at all. Maude also learned that there’s fun things to see out my window, although as far as I could tell, she was most transfixed by the reflection of my own TV in the glass. I was watching the Democratic Debate in Flint, and I think Maude is still undecided between Clinton and Sanders.

Speaking of Maude, she says hello!


That’s 250 burpees in two days. I woke up today feeling SORE. I haven’t done burpees in a long time. Plus, I had four good workout days prior to the beginning of #BirthdayBurpees, so I was due for a rest day anyway. So today I’m resting. Well, almost. I did 20 burpees first thing this morning, which just served to prove how much I needed a rest day. I’m done with burpees for today!

I’ve created my new #BirthdayBurpee counting system, too. Last year, I used the very high-tech, state-of-the-art method of hash marks.


This year, I’m using an even more sophisticated, top-of-the-line, revolutionary system: DOTS! Each burpee gets a dot, and all the burpees I do in one day will be the same color.


Soon that paper will be covered in colored burpee dots!

270 burpees done, 798 to go!

Keep it up, David!


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11 Responses to #BirthdayBurpees: Tallying Up the Damage

  1. I love reading about your Burpees! You know I am a Burpee lover! Just a little FYI, if you were to do forward jumping Burpees, 1000 would equal a half mile . And if you did 1000 forward jumping Burpees only taking a break when you absolutely absolutely needed to, that would take you about an hour . BUT, that is not doing the push up at the bottom just going down , jump feet way back, feet back in to hands and jumping very high . How do I know this? I would do this when I was training for a Burpee 5K. I decided against the 5K. At this rate it would take me six hours to do it. Who the heck is going to come watch someone do Burpee’s for six hours! LOL! And it would be pretty tough just doing them by yourself!

  2. Coco says:

    Finally, a Maude update! Thank you.

  3. Charlotte Cavaluzzi says:

    I’ve been wondering how Maude was doing! Thanks so much for the picture. She is adorable!! Keep on Burping David! 😊

  4. Sarah Van Houten says:

    HI! youre assuming everyone knows what a burpee is!

  5. Dana says:

    Thanks for the update on Maude she is adorable! Oh, and great start on the burpees 🙂

  6. Pat says:

    (See, it’s a “callback”. Referring to a joke that was said earlier….

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