March Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

It’s already March? This year is flying by. Time to update the ol’ weight loss chart!


No loss, no gain. Maintenance is a win. I’ve had a great month – delivering stellar performances at two races (in Denver and Las Vegas) – and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a scale bring me down from that high.

A weight of 251 means I’ve lost 151 pounds. I’ve kept it off for over five years, too!


Here’s how to make your own weight loss chart.

Moving on… to my Workout Progress Report. You know how this works, folks, and if you don’t, here’s the reminder: Every workout I do gets a dot on my calendar, and I jot down, next to that dot, what I did. My ongoing goal is to exercise 6 days every week. Let’s see how I did! Here’s February:


February had an extra day, thanks to leap year, and since it was the day after my Las Vegas race, I treated myself to an extra rest day. It was well-earned. I had been fighting a cold (I’m just now feeling like it’s in the past, although my nose is still super runny), and I was sore.

Altogether, I exercised 24 out of 29 days in February. That’s nearly an 83% success rate. I also took one class at Slimmons and devoted six workouts to weightlifting.

The final thing I track are my Cardio Miles. I log every mile I complete doing any form of cardio, with the goal is reaching 2,500 miles – the distance from the Pacific to the Atlantic. I started February with 2,087.6 miles on my Cardio Miles odometer, and ended with…


…2,144.3 miles. That’s 56.7 new miles in February! Only 355.7 miles until my goal. I’ll have no problem hitting that later this year.

Lastly, as I mentioned, I’ve been fighting a cold this week (and last week, although it miraculously cleared up the morning of my Las Vegas race… only to came back, hours later). I’ve still been active, although I’ve been trying to take it easy. I took a nice, long walk on Tuesday, did light-to-moderate cardio at the gym on Wednesday, and last night, went downtown for some stair training. Here’s where ‘trying to take it easy’ got thrown out the window, because stairs are hard.

I would’ve skipped it, and chalked it up to feeling under the weather, but there’s only a few more stair training sessions left, and I want to take advantage. There’s no better way to train for a race up a skyscraper than practicing in a skyscraper!

Training sessions are in a 51-story stairwell in the Aon Center, home to the Los Angeles Fight For Air Race (coming up in April!). Last night, I climbed it three times, wearing my elevation training mask at 12,000 feet.


That’s a total of 15 climbs since these training sessions began in January. 765 stories…for practice!

One more photo: my girl Maude, who came to live with me less than 2 weeks ago. She’s doing great, and I love seeing her face when I wake up in the morning! (Not in my bed, though, she’s not allowed on the bed.)


I took that photo a little while ago, as I settled down to write this post, and she was very sleepy. Now she’s passed out, within an arm’s reach of me, and snoring like there’s no tomorrow. I’m in love.

Keep it up, David!


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3 Responses to March Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

  1. Barbara Ross says:

    your a real inspiration to others . Good job David. keep it up.

  2. G.M. Grena says:

    You said, “No loss, no gain.” Based on your stellar race performances & heavy-duty training, I’m guessing you’ve lost some fat-weight & gained some muscle-weight. Generic “weight” doesn’t always tell the full story!

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