A Weekend of Food in Colorado

My stair race on Sunday was obviously a huge reason why I went to Colorado last weekend, but it’s always great to see family, and I love spending time with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and niece. I didn’t take many other photos while I was there… except of everything I ate!

Well, most everything. A few things fell between the cracks.

My favorite thing I ate all weekend was actually a movie snack. We saw “Zoolander 2” at a movie theater called Cinebarre. They have servers that bring food and drinks to you at your seat, and they had kale chips on the menu. They were salty, crispy, delicious. All the things you want in a movie snack!


“Zoolander 2,” by the way, was terrible. We all agreed. And we’re all fans of the first one! Skip it, or wait until it’s on HBO or Redbox or running on a continuous loop on TBS.

We only ate out once, at a local sports bar and restaurant called Mudrock’s, where my nephew’s basketball team was having an end-of-season party. I got their cobb salad, which was the exact same thing I got there when I visited in the fall.


It’s good. Nothing extraordinary, but it hit the spot, and I was starving. My ordering it a second time wasn’t because it was amazing – it’s because the menu, which is mostly bar food staples, doesn’t have many healthy options.

We ate a lot at my sister Sarah’s place. We all sorta did our own thing the night before the race, and I picked up, at the store, this Birds Eye Buffalo Cauliflower, which I loved. Basically caulifower coated with buffalo wing sauce, and you nuke it in its own bag. Lots of good, spicy flavor. I ate it with additional non-buffaloed veggies and a garden burger.


One morning I made scrambled egg whites with onion, smoked salmon, and cream cheese, with some carrots and ham on the side.


And for lunch, Sarah and I made a tuna salad, where we mixed the tuna with a little mayo, mustard, and pickles, and loaded it on top of a salad blend.


We made a nice family dinner my final night. Sarah baked chicken breasts and thighs with teriyaki sauce, and I made brown rice. Together, we made a veggie stir-fry with broccoli, asparagus, yellow pepper, and baby corn, with a homemade peanut-teriyaki sauce. It all came together great, and even the kids (who are finicky) ate it.


My flight home was early in the morning, and I slept through my alarm. Whoops! I still made my flight, but I didn’t eat anything before leaving, so I bought a salad at the airport and ate it while waiting to board.


What am I missing? Let’s see…

  • My pre-race fuel: coconut water (it’s high in potassium, which helps prevent cramping), a banana (more potassium) and two pouches of salmon (lean protein is always smart).
  • Some SkinnyPop popcorn while watching a movie at Sarah’s house. We got “The Walk” at Redbox – about the tightrope walker who, in 1974, illegally strung a wire between the two World Trade Center towers in New York and walked it. The final 45 minutes (featuring the actual walk) are wonderfully shot and terrifically suspenseful.
  • Carrots and Sarah’s homemade zucchini hummus (an afternoon snack)
  • One single Oreo.

There might be a small item or two that I’m forgetting, but all in all, it was a healthy weekend.

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to A Weekend of Food in Colorado

  1. Lucie says:

    Sorry to hear about Zoolander 2 –though glad to hear you saw “The Walk”–wished I would’ve caught at the Farmington Civic when it was there rather than my portable DVD player!

    • David says:

      That movie would’ve been cool to see in 3D. We definitely thought we were missing something – and my sister has a good-sized TV! Hope you’re well, Lucie!

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