A Great Day For A Hollywood Bowl Workout

I kicked off my weekend with an awesome workout on Friday…and I’m still sore. The venue for my workout was one of the most famous places in Los Angeles: The Hollywood Bowl!

Look closely: I’m balancing on the narrow tops of two benches. My legs are quivering. Also, check out the Hollywood Sign in the distance!

This isn’t my first workout at the Hollywood Bowl – nor is it my first blog post about exercising here. (Read that post here.) But it’s such a fun venue, and this was a killer workout, so I’m blogging about it again!

The Hollywood Bowl is a music venue that seats 18,000 people. It’s carved into the Hollywood Hills, and there are aisles and stairs everywhere. There are two aisles that run from the stage all the way to the very last rows at the top, and they have 168 steps. There’s the upper half of one of those aisles:


I met my friend Madeleine, and we began our workout by running those aisles. I wore my elevation training mask, and it was set to 12,000 feet. I’ve been exercising at this setting for a week or so, but it was my first time doing stairs… and surprise surprise, it was tough.

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We did three climbs up the left aisle, and then three climbs up the right aisle. I was averaging 90-95 seconds per climb. I thought, at the time, that I was clobbering my personal bests for those aisles, but I later realized I wasn’t. They were still good times, though, especially with restricted oxygen!

While walking back down the aisle, we were greeted by a parade of helicopters flying overhead, including three or four V-22s (those cool double-rotor dealies):


President Obama was in town that day… I wonder if one of them was Marine One?

After 6 full-aisle climbs, Madeleine and I stuck to the upper half of the bowl, where the stairs are steeper, and did all sorts of box jumps. We hate box jumps, so we decided to re-brand them, and call them ‘Hippity Hop-Ups’ instead. Breaking News: Hippity Hop-Ups suck too! After the regular box jumps we did one-legged box jumps, and ended with burpee box jumps, where you drop down and do a push-up in between each jump. Yes – those are as awful as they sound!

Madeleine took a slow-motion video of me doing a three-step box jump, and I posted the video on Facebook – check it out here!



After the box jump torture was over, we headed back down to the stage and did a full aisle climb doing another sort of drill: all single step, with high knees, like we were in a marching band.

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After that, we did one more final sprint to the top (for which the elevation mask went back on; I had taken it off for the box jumps and high knees).

And after that, I could barely move.

G for Garcia.

G for Garcia.

Well… I could move enough for a photo op onstage.


Our workout lasted 90 minutes, and according to my heart rate monitor, I burned 930 calories. On Saturday, my entire lower body ached, but I wanted to get in some activity, so I went for a 4-mile walk. I spent much of that evening on my feet, volunteering at a charity gala.

On Sunday, the soreness was worse – core, quads, calves, glutes… My lower body started crying every time I stood up. So I made Sunday a rest day.

Today there’s some lingering soreness but I’m not about to rest another day. I’m going to the gym this evening.

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to A Great Day For A Hollywood Bowl Workout

  1. Hi, where do you park when you exercise here? I’ve never been but would like to go. It’s not close so must drive in. Thanks!

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