My Bowflex Workouts Just Got an Infusion of Technology

I’ve had my Bowflex MAX Trainer for 16 months, but it wasn’t until last week, when I visited the Bowflex headquarters near Portland, that I learned Bowflex has free apps for most products, including the MAX Trainer. Why didn’t I know this? I downloaded the app while waiting at the Portland airport, and couldn’t wait to start playing around with it.


I synced the app with my MAX Trainer as soon as I got home, and seconds later, I had a wealth of info at my fingertips, including data and details from every single workout I had ever done. This nerd was in nerd heaven. I loved my MAX Trainer to begin with (it’s an awesome machine for stair race training), and now I love it even more.

There’s a journal listing all my MAX Trainer workouts, and how many calories I burned during each.


I can click on any workout and get additional data, like heart rate average, average resistance level, and RPM.


I can also see charts that compare workouts week-to-week, month-to-month, or year-to-year. I love charts!


Thanks to all this data, I was able to compute some pretty impressive stats:

  • I’ve done around 100 workout programs on my MAX Trainer. Most programs are only 15 minutes, and, on average, I burn a little more than 200 calories each time.
  • I’ve burned a total of 21,184 calories since the MAX Trainer arrived at my house.
  • That’s over 6 pounds that I’ve burned off on this one machine!

Best of all, I can hop off the machine, pick up my phone, and within seconds the data syncs up. Pretty cool. You can find the MAX Trainer app here.

Naturally, I had to see if there was an app for my SelectTech dumbbells, and sure enough, there is.


I love my SelectTechs, and have been wanting to learn and try new things with them, and this app helps a lot with that. There are a variety of workouts – ones that target specific body parts, and more comprehensive ones, like their ‘Total in 20’ workout.


I’ve only done a couple programs so far, but I’ve already learned new exercises, and am looking forward to learning more. All the programs have videos to teach proper form and movement, and you can pipe in your favorite music to listen to while watching.

There’s a lot more on this app that I haven’t tried yet (including workouts you have to purchase), and there’s something called Flex Points, which I don’t understand at all (yet). So far I’ve earned 1,681 Flex Points, which doesn’t sound too shabby, until I saw that the #1 person on the Flex Points leaderboard had nearly 273 million. I have some catching up to do!


You can find the SelectTech app here.

Speaking of Bowflex and technology, I did a 20-minute core and arm workout on Wednesday that was led by Gabe, a handsome fella that works for Bowflex, that was broadcast live from Bowflex headquarters on Periscope. (I’m on Periscope too! Username: keepitupdavid) It was the first time I’ve done a workout using social media, and I hope Bowflex does more of them. I followed that with 15-minutes of Gabe-free chest and shoulders, then did the 15-minute Fat Burn program on the MAX Trainer and called it a day.

Keep it up, David!


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