February Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

I already spilled the beans in yesterday’s post, but here it is again: DOWN FIVE POUNDS!


I’ve already written a lot about this weight loss, and while I probably repeat myself a lot, I’m not gonna do this time. Click here to read all about it!

One small thing to add, though: While updating my chart, I got to add my Six-Year Anniversary line. I’ve been at this six years. That means six years ago, I weighed 402 pounds.


Now I weigh 251, and I’ve kept my weight off for one helluva long time.

entire-weight-loss-chartMy anniversary is specifically January 23rd – that’s the first day I started keeping a food log for Richard Simmons. I did absolutely nothing to celebrate my anniversary on that actual day this year, although it happened to be the day I raced up 160 stories in Seattle, and if doing an absolutely grueling stair race and setting a 3 minute, 37 second personal best isn’t a great way to celebrate a weight loss anniversary, I don’t know what is.

Moving on… I have a standing weekly goal to exercise 6 days every week, so I track all my workouts on my calendar with a big dot, and some scribbles to remind myself what I did. Here’s my calendar for January:

january-16-workout-calendarCount the dots, folks – 26 workouts in January! Can’t do much better than that. Another great way to kick off the new year! I took 2 classes at Slimmons, and devoted 3 workouts to weightlifting. That’s a little low, but I’ve been working hard to get in top form for my stair races, and also amping up my cardio so I can use my elevation training mask.

Speaking of cardio, the last thing I track are my cardio miles – all the miles I complete running, on the elliptical, swimming, biking, whatever. This month, I racked up 38.7 miles.


That brings my cumulative total to 2,087.6 miles! (In roughly 2.5 years.) I’ve also set my next Cardio Miles goal: 2,497 miles. That’s the distance from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, starting at the Santa Monica Pier and ending at the Jacksonville (Florida) Beach Pier. The route includes the entirety of Interstate 1-10, the southernmost coast-to-coast highway (it’s 2,460 miles long). Let’s just round my goal up to 2,500 miles, for shits and giggles. See my last Fun with Maps post here.

Now it’s on to Month 2 of 2016!

Keep it up, David!


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  1. goalinreach says:

    That’s truly amazing David!!!!

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