2015 Year-End Progress Report

Time for one of my favorite posts of the year! (And it’s only January 5th!) You all know that every month I share my weigh-in results and workout progress report. Well, once a year, I take a look at the bigger picture and do a Year-End Progress Report! This will be the fifth year that I’ve crunched the numbers, and I’m excited to see what they say.

First up, though, my weigh-in results from January 1st. For that, let’s turn to my trusty weight loss chart:


Down one pound! After two weigh-ins at 257 pounds, I was happy to see 256, even though I was hoping it’d be more, especially since I was super healthy and active in Mexico and started a new eating program.

But I’ll take that one pound, happily. A weight of 256 means I’ve lost and kept off 146 pounds for five years. Pretty awesome. A look at my entire weight loss chart tells that story visually:


It’s Now Time For My Year-End Progress Report! It’s not exactly a shocker that I’m a great big nerd (well, a significantly smaller nerd than I was six years ago!). One of my nerd-tastic endeavors is to track my workouts on my calendar. I do it the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper, and I notate exercise duration, activities, and the distance I covered (if applicable).

All this data helps me immensely, because I like to see what I’ve done, and how I can switch things up, and plus, it helps me execute and reach my ongoing weekly goal of six workouts and one rest day. Here’s my December calendar:


All those dots signify a workout, with info written beside it. (I blurred out the non-workout related events.) Here are my December facts and figures:

  • I worked out 26 out of 31 days. That’s an 83% success rate – pretty darn close to my ideal goal of 85%, which is what six days out of seven per week equates to.
  • Five of those workouts focused on weightlifting.
  • I took 4 classes at Slimmons.

It was an exceptional month!

Where’s my abacus? Time to add up my workouts from the entire year! My annual goal is to work out more days than the year before. Here are my totals from the past four years:

Working out more than 296 times would be a notable success, because not only would it be more than last year, it would be more than any year since I began tracking!

How did I do in 2015?

Let’s see… crunching some numbers… carry the one… double-check my math…

I worked out 299 times in 2015! TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE TIMES! Three workouts more than in 2014… and only one workout shy of breaking the 300-workout threshold!

299 out of 365 days is an 82% success rate – the closest I’ve ever come to my 85% goal!

Some other 2015 stats:

  • I took 31 classes at Slimmons. None were led by Richard Simmons, as he’s been out of the public eye for the past two years. They were led by Anne, who has subbed for Richard since he stopped teaching. (Here’s why I still go to his studio, even though he’s not there.)
  • 83 of my workouts were focused on weightlifting (less than the 109 I logged last year, but still strong).
  • My workouts average around an hour each. In total, I spent 12.6 days in 2014 exercising!
  • Combine my workouts from 2011-2015, and I’ve worked out 1,365 times in the past four years! That’s equal to 57 days!

Another thing I log on my calendar are my Cardio Miles – the miles I cover doing any kind of cardio. I ran a big update a few weeks ago, when I reached 2,000 total miles, so I’m not going to go into lots of detail here, except to say that in December, I logged 75.4 miles (my second-biggest monthly total of the year, behind July). My new total is 2,048.9 miles – and 709.8 of them came from 2015!


My 2015 goal shouldn’t be a shocker. . It’s to work out more than 299 times…and break that 300-workout threshold! I’ve already started using my new 2016 calendar!


KEEP IT UP, DAVID… throughout 2016!


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4 Responses to 2015 Year-End Progress Report

  1. Mom says:

    Congrats, David, and Keep it UP!

  2. Rob @ Nautilus says:

    You’re a beast…keep it up in 2016!

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