I’m Already Really Flippin’ Excited For My Winter 2016 Stair Race Tour!

It’s only been a few days since my final race of 2015, and I’m already looking ahead to 2016. I binged the other day and signed up for SEVEN races between January and April. One of them will be in a skyscraper I’ve never raced before. Anyone know what building this is?


I’ll share more details in a second, but first: this will likely be my last post until after Christmas. I leave tomorrow night to spend the holiday with my family, but I’ll be back, between Christmas and New Years, with lots to share. Wishing you all the greatest of holidays – and stay healthy! You can easily adapt my Thanksgiving Pledge to help get you through Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve. And don’t forget to exercise! You better believe I’ll be staying active… I have lots of races coming up!

Speaking of races… All seven of these races are Fight For Air Climbs that benefit the American Lung Association. There are over 60 chapters of the ALA around the country that sponsor stair races (find one near you here), and I’ve done about 10 of them. The new-to-me race in the building featured above is in… DENVER!  I’ll be racing in the Mile High City!

The building is Republic Plaza, which has 56 stories and is the tallest building in Colorado. I took that picture when I was in Denver earlier this year for the Fitbloggin’ conference (where I gave a kick-ass five-minute presentation on stair racing), and I’m excited to go back for a race. My sister said she’s gonna do the race, too, and I can’t wait to make stair racing a family affair!

The other six races are all ones I’ve done before, either this year or in 2014, and I’m geeked to do them again. HERE’S MY RACE SCHEDULE!

My first race in 2016 will be in SEATTLE, where I’ll be climbing the 40-story Rainier Tower four times.


And if that sounds exhausting, get ready for this: the very next day, I’ll be racing in PORTLAND, where I’ll be climbing the 40-story US Bancorp Tower four times!


That’s 320 total stories in 2 days! I did this one-two punch this year (read my recap), and I’ll be ready to do it again!

Next on the calendar is the DENVER race, mentioned above.

Then, a week later, I’m off to LAS VEGAS, where I’m racing up the Stratosphere Tower.


I raced the Stratosphere in 2014 – it was my first out-of-state race – and it’s a beast. But it’s a great time, because this race attracts all the top racers from across the country, so I’ll get to hang out with a bunch of friends.

I’m doing one race in March, and it’s in SAN FRANCISCO, in the 555 California building. Here’s my recap from the race this past March, when I wasn’t feeling my best.


I signed up for two more California races, and the next one is in One America Plaza, the tallest building in SAN DIEGO. At 32 stories, this is the shortest of the seven buildings, but sprinting is hard, and I gotta beat my time of 5:32 to set a new personal best.


The final race of the seven is in my own city, LOS ANGELES. I’ll be racing up the Aon Center for the fifth consecutive year.


One year I raced up this 63-story building wearing a GoPro camera on my head, and it made for a super-entertaining short video. Check it out here.

All these races are fundraisers for the American Lung Association, but I already promised not to hit you up for money again until the new year, and I’m gonna stick to that. (If someone really wants to make a donation before year’s end for tax purposes, contact me, and I’ll provide you a link.)

The other exciting thing about these races is that…

…I HAVE A SPONSOR! Four of these races are out-of-state for me, and Bowflex very generously agreed to help cover my registration fees and travel-related expenses.

Bowflex is the best. I’ve gotten to know a few folks at that company over the past couple years, and they’ve been so incredibly supportive and awesome. And I’m not kidding when I say they make awesome products. I have a MAX Trainer in my living room, and it kicks my butt every time I use it. I burned 500 calories in 35 minutes during my workout yesterday. First I did the 14-minute Max Interval program (280 calories), then 21 minutes on Steady State (220 calories). I was beat! My post-workout selfie:


Those are my Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells in the corner. They’re adjustable, so they can weigh anywhere from 5 to 52.5 pounds (see more pictures here), and I did all sorts of chest, arm, and shoulder exercises with them a few days ago.

Bowflex put together a 12 Days of Fitness plan, to help you stay active through the holidays. Here’s the run-down of exercises for each day (followed by descriptions of how to do them). It was put together by fitness expert extraordinaire Tom Holland (we were once interviewed on the same panel!), and all the workouts only take about 10 minutes. This is perfect for me, because I won’t have gym access while I’m out of town, and most of the workouts don’t require any equipment at all (a few days require dumbbells, so I’ll save those for when I get back). Start today, and get through all 12 days before the end of year!

I’m very grateful of Bowflex’s support of my stair racing. THANK YOU, BOWFLEX! It’s just another reason to give it my all at these events – I can’t slack when I have to answer to a sponsor! Lucky for me, slacking at a race is not in my vocabulary.

Keep it up, David!


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