My FINAL Fundraising Request of 2015… PLUS, I Find Stairs Wherever I Go!

I’m in the home stretch of my 2015 race calendar! I’ve competed in THIRTEEN RACES so far this year – ten stair races, plus three runs (see the full list here). I only have two more left! One is in this towering downtown Los Angeles skyscraper…


…and the other is in the home of the world champion* Los Angeles Angels baseball team:


*I presume they’ve won a World Series at some point, but I don’t know baseball.

Both of these races are fundraisers for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and so, for the final time in 2015, I’d like to hang my head and humbly ask for your help in raising money so that I may compete. Here are the details:

  • On November 14 (nine days away!), I’ll be competing in the Los Angeles CF Climb: up the stairs in the 54-story Figueroa @ Wilshire building (pictured above). This will be my third consecutive year racing at this event, and I’m shooting for a personal record. I need to raise $150 for the Los Angeles chapter of the CFF. CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION.
  • On December 12, I’ll be competing in Hike the Halo, a race that combines running with stairs, and involves racing up and down all the aisles in Angel Stadium (also pictured above). It’ll be by third time competing here, as well, so I’ll be gunning for a personal record. This race is special – it’s the only stadium stair race I’ve done, and it’s a really fun event in a very unique setting. The Orange County CFF chapter is holding Hike the Halo, and I need to raise $100 for them. CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION.

I know I ask for money frequently, but know that every donation still means a lot to me. I send Thank You notes as soon as I possibly can, and donors will get a shout-out in the Race Recap that I’ll publish shortly after each race. Doesn’t matter if it’s a lot or a little – every dollar counts towards my goals, and every dollar certain helps the CFF with their goals to eradicate this awful disease.

That said, if you’d like to donate, please consider clicking through to the Los Angeles race first, because it’s so coming up so soon! Or, check out both links, and donate to the one where I’m farther from my goal! No matter where you choose to donate, thank you for your help.

For my part, I promise to bust my butt and get myself up those stairs and around that stadium as fast as I possibly can.

I’ve had some GREAT workouts this week. I’ve already shared my weekend workouts (lots of stairs and a beautiful hike up a mountain). Monday was a rest day. I planned on heading downtown Tuesday for a training session in a skyscraper, but missed it because I had to take the dog I’m dogsitting to the vet (he’s fine), so instead I hit the gym, where I lifted weights and did cardio (including StairMaster).

On Wednesday, I was hungry for stairs, so I devised a stair workout in a new (to me) setting. I had an appointment on the other side of town, and did some research, and found some sizable public stairways 10 minutes away. So I brought a change of clothes and after my appointment, I hit the stairs in a Los Angeles neighborhood called El Sereno.

El Sereno is on the east side – a part of town I rarely go to – and it’s hilly. It’s also the oldest neighborhood in town, pre-dating the formation of Los Angeles itself by 10 years. There’s lots of history in those hills!

I found three stairways, and spent 20 minutes at each. First stop: the Heidleman Stairway, not far from the Cal State LA campus. It has 234 steps, which I climbed three times. The stairway has seen better days, and could use a good sweeping, but it’s pretty long, and there are some sections that are steeper than others, so there’s variety.


Here I am making a tough guy face after finishing all three climbs:


Next stop: The Far Place Stairway, my favorite of the three. 168 steps, divided over two blocks, including one section that has 95 consecutive stairs with no landings!


That long flight is next to a completely open hillside, so I had great views of the sunset.


I climbed the Far Place Stairway four times, before heading a few hundred feet away to the last stop, the Phelps Stairway. This one has 181 steps, divided between two blocks, with the upper section right next to a house that’s a classic example of steep hillside architecture that you find all over Los Angeles, where the entire house is on stilts.


I climbed the Phelps Stairway three times.

Grand Totals: Ten climbs between the three stairways. Four were all sprints. Three were all drills (box jumps, side-stepping, wide steps, stepping with leg lifts, lunge steps). TOTAL NUMBER OF STEPS: 2,098.

I had time for one final post-workout selfie before it got too dark:


Keep it up, David!


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