Final Preparations for This Week’s 75-Story Race!

I have a big race in a few days – the YMCA Stair Climb for Los Angeles, in the 75-story US Bank Tower. I’m gunning for a personal best, which would be faster than 18:30. This week I’ve had to improvise with my final workouts – because, well, I’ve been busy!

Monday was supposed to be a weightlifting day at the gym – since I only did cardio while in Colorado over the weekend – but I couldn’t make it to the gym. My solution? A kick-ass weightlifting workout at home. I took the basic premise of the Bowflex Summer Strong Challenge, which is to do three 1-minute sets of a certain exercise, with 1 minute breaks in between, and I repeated it eight times, with eight different exercises. So I did three 1-minute sets of:

  • Skaters
  • Bicep Curls
  • Burpees
  • Triceps Extensions
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Military Presses
  • Crunches
  • Shoulder Presses

Half the exercises involved only my body, and for the other half, I used my Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells. It took me 44 minutes (5 minutes for each exercise, with 30 seconds in between exercises). Then, I finished off my workout with 16 minutes on my Bowflex MAX Trainer (186 calories burned!) to bring my workout to a solid hour.

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Speaking of Bowflex, they just launched a fun social media contest called #IWillWearThis, and I’m totally entering. They’re giving away lots of prizes, including exercise equipment and a 7-day cruise, and all you gotta do is take a picture of an item of clothing that you’d either like to wear as part of your fitness goal, or an item you’re now rocking after accomplishing a fitness goal, and tell the story behind it. Post your entry to Instagram, Twitter, or Bowflex’s Facebook page with the hashtags #IWillWearThis and #Bowflex. Learn more at the #IWillWearThis website.

You guys get the exclusive of the photo I’m entering! Here it is:


Shoes like these are key when I race. I want to earn more medals! These shoes have helped me conquer goal after goal, like racing up the stairs in the nation’s tallest buildings and setting personal bests, and those accomplishments, in turn, help keep me on track with the much bigger goal: keeping off 160lbs of weight loss. #IWillWearThis #Bowflex

But I digress.

On Tuesday, I wanted to go downtown for the final stair race training session in the 55-story Wells Fargo Center. Alas, work got in the way. It was an incredibly busy work day, and I ended up working until 10pm – that’s 2.5 hours after the training session ended. Hey, it happens.

So, instead, I busted my butt to get to the gym, which closed at 11. If I couldn’t climb stairs in a skyscraper, at least I could engage those muscles on the StairMaster. I didn’t get on the StairMaster with a specific goal, but a few minutes in, I decided to go for 75 stories. I haven’t been on a StairMaster in months (I prefer to train on the real thing), and I was a little rusty! But I reached my goal in 15 minutes, and burned nearly 300 calories in the process!


I followed that up with 10 minutes on a rowing machine and 10 minutes on a rope machine (where you pull an endless rope like you’re working on a pirate ship).

Then the gym closed. It was 11pm. I didn’t feel ready to throw in the towel, so I left, headed to the sidewalk, and ran. A 10-minute run would bring my total workout time to 45 minutes, so that’s all I shot for. My gym is a block from Burbank High School, which occupies a big chunk of land, so I ran all the way around it. It worked perfectly – I finished in 10.5 minutes, and ran nearly a mile.


When I returned to the gym parking garage, I had trouble finding my car.


But I finally found it!

Tonight I’m going to lift weights again – nothing too strenuous, but something to balance sitting on my butt all day while working – and that will be my last big workout before the race. I’ll maybe go for a walk, just to stay loose, but that’s it.

The next post will be a race recap. I’m getting excited!

Keep it up, David!

PS: This post is dedicated to Rob Murdock, an all-around awesome guy. If you know him, my bet is that you like him, and if you don’t know him, you should meet him!


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2 Responses to Final Preparations for This Week’s 75-Story Race!

  1. Rob @ Nautilus says:

    These are some serious workouts you’re getting in…I feel lazy!
    I’m sure you will kill it this weekend!

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