Four Months. Four Races. I’m Racing Up Lots of Stairs This Fall!

I went on a spree over the weekend and registered for stair races that will keep me busy between now and December. The first one is less than two weeks away! And it’s in this behemoth:


The US Bank Tower is 75 stories, and it’s the tallest building west of the Mississippi. It’s the venue for the Stair Climb for Los Angeles, and this will be my third year competing. I made it to the roof in about 18.5 minutes last year, so my goal will be a set a personal best. And I will do it.

Then, one week later, I’m getting on a jet plane and flying north, for the inaugural race in one of the most-recognized structures in the United States:

The Space Needle in Seattle! Despite being built over 50 years ago, the Space Needle has never held a stair race. They’ve never allowed the public in the stairwell at all! So this race, which is cleverly called Base 2 Space, will be a historic event. The needle is 52 stories, and this race will be different than any other building or tower race I’ve done, because… the stairs are outdoors. I’ll get to see the city shrinking away below me as I get higher and higher… and I CAN’T WAIT!

Both these races are fundraiser for great causes, and the time has come to ask for your help. Can you support me and my racing by making a donation?

The US Bank Tower race on 9/25/15 benefits the Downtown-Ketchum YMCA in Los Angeles, and helps fund all sorts of after-school and fitness programs for children in the city where I live. I need to raise at least $75 dollars. Visit my fundraising page by CLICKING HERE.

Base 2 Space, on 10/3/15, benefits the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle (known as Fred Hutch). They’ve done amazing things for the past 40 years, working to eliminate all forms of cancer and the suffering it causes. I need to raise at least $250 dollars to climb the Space Needle. Visit my fundraising page by CLICKING HERE.

These races are a few weeks away, and I’ve been working hard to prepare. I’ve visited the 55-story Wells Fargo Center in LA five times in the past six weeks, and and climbed the stairs a total of 16 times during those practice sessions. I’m going to add a couple more climbs to that total tonight!

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The racing isn’t over after the Space Needle. On November 15th, I’ll be racing up the 54-story Figueroa at Wilshire Building in Los Angeles. I love this race because it ends on the roof, and it feels incredible to be up there – even if it’s an overcast day, like it was last year:


Then, on December 12th, I’m returning to Angel Stadium in Anaheim for Hike the Halo, a race up and down all the aisles in the lower deck and upper deck, and then a run around the perimeter of the stadium. I’m not even a baseball fan, but hanging out on the outfield of a MLB stadium is awesome!


Both these races benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, but I’m going to hold off on sharing those links – I don’t want to overload you with donation requests! I’ll share them a little later.

Filling up my race calendar is an invigorating activity. I don’t take racing lightly, and making a commitment to show up means I’m really making a commitment to do my very best and crush it on the stairs. I know I have it in me to improve on my times from last year and remind myself of the tremendous things that I’m capable of doing. And hey, I get to raise money for super causes along the way, and that’s an invigorating endeavor as well!

Keep it up, David!

Check out my 4-minute video where you come along as I race up a 63-story building!


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