This Week’s Stair Training Was Better Than Last Week’s…

…although pretty much anything would’ve been better than last week’s.

Let’s start with the pictures! We had access to the passenger elevators this week (instead of the freight elevator), and I took a picture every time I rode back down to the lobby. The number of pictures equals the number of climbs, so let’s count them!


ONE. (Standing upright.)


TWO. (A little more tired.)


THREE. (Needing the wall to lean on.)


FOUR! (Exhausted, preferring to not stand at all.) (That’s my buddy Jeff with me.)

I was terribly bummed last week after a crappy training session climbing stairs in a 55-story building downtown. I set a goal for this week to not focus on individual climb times, but instead focus on consistent, steady climbing, and make it to the top four times.

Four pictures = four times! I did it!*

*I added the asterick because there’s a major caveat: While I did climb the building four times, I didn’t make it all the way to the top, because we weren’t allowed to. Let me explain:

We normally climb to the 55th floor, which is a utility/mechanical floor (as opposed to office space). That floor is only reachable by the freight elevator (or the stairs). But the fright elevator was broken this week, so building security wouldn’t let us climb to the 55th floor. They had us climb to the 44th instead.

So – I successfully got in a fourth climb. But all my climbs were shorter than normal.

Hey, I’ll take it. For the past two weeks, I climbed 3x up 55-story stairwell, for a total of 165 stories. This week, I climbed 4x up a 44-story stairwell, for a total of 176 stories.  That’s more than last week, and I felt good about my form and effort. Jeff and I climbed the fourth time together (well, it was my fourth time but his fifth), and I live-streamed the climb on Periscope, which was a lot of fun. (Shhh… don’t tell building security!) (I’m ‘keepitupdavid’ on Periscope, follow me!)

All this training is for my next stair race, at the end of September… OH NO WAIT! Looks like my next race is coming up much sooner. I signed up the other day for a race this weekend that combines stairs with a 5k. I’ll save the details for my recap post, which you can read on Monday, but send good vibes my way on Saturday! It’ll be my first foot race since the Warrior Dash in March and my first stair race since One World Trade Center in May… and I’m excited!

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to This Week’s Stair Training Was Better Than Last Week’s…

  1. Sugar Lee says:

    Be glad of the 44. It’s been months since I had access to my 12 and I’m missing them. Two weeks. Take care and celebrate each day.
    Sugar Lee

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