I got a wonderful little message after publishing my last post:


HOT DAMN! I’ve written 1,000 posts! I knew this milestone was approaching, but I hadn’t been paying attention last week, so this was a fun little surprise.

I end each of my posts the same way, with the same four words: Keep it up, David. These words serve to celebrate success, encourage me when I’m feeling down, inspire me when I’m struggling, and remind me of all the awesome, incredible things I’ve accomplished.

I’m about 5 weeks away from celebrating the 5th anniversary of the creation of this blog, and I can’t overstate how important this blog has been. Those four words, and all the words that preceded them in those 1,000 posts, have been an invaluable resource for me since day one.

This blog keeps me accountable. This blog keeps me focused. There have been times when I’m certain this blog has kept me sane. Best of all, this blog has been my outlet to record and share the multitudes of ups and downs that I’ve encountered as I try to be the healthiest guy I can be.

And it works. I have no doubt about it. Writing these blog posts and putting them out there in the world has been a huge factor in why I’ve been able to lose and keep off 160 pounds.

1000th Comparison

I felt pride when I learned I hit 1,000 posts. Proud of the 1,000 posts, sure, but also proud of the perseverance. I haven’t given up on myself. Before 2010, I had. Now it’s a whole different story.

Um… it’s actually been 1,000 different stories!

Thank you for sticking around and reading, everyone – how marvelous it is to have such amazing readers! I’m ready for my next 1,000 posts, and I’ve already gotten my 1,001st post under my belt: It’s this one!



For shits and giggles, take a trip down memory lane:

There’s many more links to notable posts on the My Favorite Posts page!


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10 Responses to Keep It Up, David… FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME!

  1. Sugar Lee says:

    Congratulations! The pictures show only a small part of the change in you. Weight may have been the catalyst, but look at all the other changes. You have become a bit of a guru to some of us.
    Keep it up, David!

  2. Charlotte Cavaluzzi says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Keep it up David!

  3. sandy says:

    Congrats David! I didn’t read all 1000 of them, but always enjoy the ones I read. Great accomplishment for sticking with it! Keep it up David!!!

  4. Jeff Dinkin says:

    Congratulations, David! Hitting such a milestone is a true testament to your resolve and dedication.

  5. Dana says:

    Congratulations, David!!

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