It’s the Off-Season… and I Couldn’t Be Happier

If you’re looking for fresh, compelling, thrilling content about the edge-of-your-seat world of competitive stair racing… go somewhere else. There aren’t any stair races in the summer months. They’ll pick up again in the fall. It’s currently the off-season. And I’m ecstatic. Here’s why: 

I’ve earned it. Lordy Lordy, how I’ve earned it. I competed in eight races between January and May. That’s up from five during the same period last year, and one during that same period for the two years before that.

Competing with such frequency was AWESOME. I got to see my racing friends a lot, and I did a lot of new races in buildings (and in a couple cities) I’ve never been to before.

It was also exhausting. Each of those races was in a different city, so I was out of town a lot, since only one was a local Los Angeles race. I’m active to begin with, but trying to stay in race-ready shape was a lot of work. I couldn’t really slow down after a race, because the next one was often only a week or two away.

I’m proud of my accomplishments. In a little over three years, I’ve competed in 22 stair races, in 11 major cities across the country. I recently drew up a map, because I like drawing and I like maps:

Ignite Map2

Click on the map to see it bigger.

Here’s a rundown of the races I’ve done in 2015. Clicking on the race names will take to the recap for that race.

(ALA stands for American Lung Association. They organize a lot of races!)

Time for MORE fun statistics!

  • Since January, I’ve raced up a total of 816 stories.
  • I’ve spent 182 minutes and 30 seconds racing in stairwells. That’s over three hours!
  • All these races are charity events, and thanks to all of you, my generous donors, I’ve raised $2,257 dollars for awesome causes.

It’s completely exhausting just reading these facts and figures… it’s hard to believe that these are my accomplishments! But they are. WOW.

The races will pick up again in September. There are three local Los Angeles races that I’ll do before the end of the year, and I’m eyeing a couple out-of-town races, too, although we’ll see about those.

I haven’t officially signed up for any new races yet. June and July are officially stair-free. Well, almost. I did a stair workout in Sweden last month, so I could say I’ve trained internationally, but that’s it. I still take the stairs in my everyday life as I go about my day, but I’m staying away from them during my workouts. And I am definitely doing my workouts. I’m not taking a break from exercise altogether – I’m in the midst of a 30-day strength challenge and have exercised 13 out of 16 days in July – but I’m not running on stairs or using the StairMaster.

When August rolls around, I’ll get back into stair training, and begin signing up for races. (I’ll start hitting you up for more donations then too, don’t you worry!) In the meantime, I’m enjoying this well-earned stair hiatus.

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to It’s the Off-Season… and I Couldn’t Be Happier

  1. Sabrina Alexandra says:

    I never knew there was such a thing! I’ve got to say, even though I despise stairs, that is really awesome!

    • David says:

      Thanks Sabrina! I didn’t know about these races until a few years ago. There’s nothing quite as challenging (or insane) as racing up the stairwell in skyscrapers!

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