I Made a Sandwich with Green Beans (!) and Here’s How I Did It

I got a giant bag of green beans (haricots verts for you fancy folks) from the LA Salad Company (where I’m a guest blogger), and immediately the gears in my head started turning. What would I do with them?


I love green beans, but they’re not a staple vegetable in my kitchen, because I don’t really like them raw, and I eat a lot of veggies raw. Plus, I like trying new applications and recipes, and I’ve done a lot of green bean recipes over the years:

What haven’t I tried yet? Then, it dawned on me: A GREEN BEAN SANDWICH. I quickly Googled my brainstorm to see if anyone else had come up with that idea, and… yup, it definitely wasn’t original. One particular recipe caught my eye, so I used it as inspiration, made about a dozen swaps and changes, and came up with my recipe:


Start by roasting some green beans in a 425 degree oven. I used a couple handfuls of beans – enough for a single layer on the bottom of a pie plate. I drizzled the beans with a teaspoon of olive oil and added some turmeric (as seen in the first photo).

Fifteen minutes later, they come out looking like this:


During the final few minutes of roasting the beans, I added one bagel thin to the oven, so it would get toasted. Of course you can use whatever bread you like. I chose a bagel thin because 1) I had them in the house and 2) only 110 calories.

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While the beans cooled, I smeared one wedge of spreadable cheese on one half of the bagel thin. There’s a very popular brand of individually-wrapped, low-calorie cheese wedges (think along the lines of Giggling Bovine), but I used the store brand because it was literally half the price.


On top of the cheese went a few slices of turkey breast cold cuts. On the other half, I spread some fantastic grainy mustard (which is hard to see, as it’s the same color as the bagel thin!).


I had already sliced up part of an apple, and drizzled a little bit of lemon juice on the slices, so they wouldn’t turn brown. I lined up the apple slices on top of the turkey.


Time for the green beans! I lined them up on top of the apple.


Then I topped it with the mustard-covered half, and that was it. Sandwich complete.


Hot damn, was it delicious. All sorts of tastes and textures. Crisp apple, creamy cheese, tender green beans, salty turkey (most cold cuts are kinda salty, aren’t they?), crunchy toasted bread.


Try this at home. Do it!

Keep it up, David!


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