I’m Ready for the #SummerStrong Challenge! Are You?

I just did Day Two of the Bowflex Summer Strong Challenge, and that meant push-ups. Lots of push-ups.


Let me back it up a little but, shall I? I learned about the Bowflex Summer Strong Challenge at exactly the right time. It’s designed to boost your strength training, and that’s something I’ve been struggling with lately, especially since I’ve been traveling a lot during the past few months (eight trips since March), and cardio is easier for me to do out-of-town, because I only need a good pair of shoes to go on a run!

But now I’m back home, and staying put for a while, so it’s the perfect time to embark on a new program. The Bowflex Summer Strong Challenge is simple. It lasts 30 days, and on each day, you do five minutes of strength training. Just five minutes. That’s less than Judge Judy takes to render a decision on a court case. Nearly all of the songs on Justin Timberlake’s last album are longer than five minutes. Five minutes is nothing.

There’s one exercise for each day, and you do one minute of it, then take a one-minute break. Then another minute of the exercise, followed by another one-minute break, followed by a final minute of the exercise, and that’s it. You’re done.


My buddy Tom Holland, the Bowflex Fitness Advisor, created the Challenge and put together the calendar of exercises, which you can see here. Below the calendar are descriptions of the exercises and links to videos to teach you how to do them. SPOILER ALERT: It’s not even 30 days, because Tom scheduled six rest days!

Day One is bicycles crunches, which I did yesterday.


Day Two is push-ups. Three minutes of push-ups, even with one-minute breaks, is tough. Guess that’s why they call this a challenge! Tomorrow will be squats, followed by the first rest day. (Woohoo!)

There’s plenty of exercises in the Challenge that only require your own body, like push-ups, crunches, planks, and lunges. But some of the exercises, like the dumbbell bicep curls and the dumbbell triceps kickbacks require, you guessed it, dumbbells. Bowflex sent me a set of their SelectTech 552 dumbbells to use during the Challenge, and they’re so cool. It’s like having 15 pairs of dumbbells in one!


They’re adjustable. You dial the knobs at the end, and set the amount of weight you want the  dumbbells to have, anywhere from 5 to 52.5 pounds. When you lift the dumbbells off their bases, only the weight you want comes with it! Here’s what it looks like set to 10 pounds:


I’ve been using the SelectTechs, and they’re easy to use and help provide a super versatile workout. In fact, today I used the Bowflex Summer Strong Challenge as a jumping off point for my workout. After doing the Day Two exercise, push-ups, I did 30 more minutes of strength training with the SelectTechs (mostly focusing on upper body). Then, I finished up on my Bowflex MAX Trainer by doing a 15-minute Stairs program. (Read more about the MAX Trainer here and here.)


I’m definitely using the Bowflex Summer Strong Challenge to amp up my workouts and get a little strength training in every day. You should do it too! Learn more about the Challenge here. (I’m bummed that I’m starting it too late to enter any of the giveaways they did, but I couldn’t start it any sooner, thanks again to all my travels.)

I’ll be sharing my progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all month using the hashtags #SummerStrong and #Bowflex, and give me a shout-out if you’re doing it too. It’s always better doing something like this with other people!

Two days down, 28 to go.

Keep it up, David!


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