Photo Explosion

I wasn’t super prolific on the blog last week, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t keeping busy and staying (mostly) on program. I kept my camera handy and captured lots of fun moments. Some of these photos ended up on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), but a lot of them didn’t, so get ready for a photo explosion!


One of the parks where I run is in the flight path for Burbank airport. I was running around sunset last week when I paused for a second to snap that photo – of a Southwest jet less than 60 seconds away from landing. That run was 3.2 miles, by the way – exactly a 5k!

Before I forget, a HUGE Thank You and shout-out to the thirteen people that have donated to my upcoming One World Trade Center stair race. You’ve collectively donated $961 dollars to an incredible 9/11 charity, and it means the world to me. Read more about the race, and how to donate, here.

Back to the photos. My parents were in town last weekend, and one morning I made scrambled eggs for me and my mom. Four egg whites, two whole eggs, onion, green pepper, turmeric, and crumbled fat-free Feta cheese made for a great way to start the day:


The day prior, my dad and I met up with my aunt and uncle at a great restaurant called Seasons 52. It’s a beautiful, snazzy place (with locations across the country) that focuses on seasonal, fresh ingredients, and every single item on their menu is 475 calories or less. That takes the guesswork out of ordering! I had the Wild Alaskan Halibut, which came with succotash and romesco sauce:


I’ve been chugging away on my Bowflex MAX Trainer, using it once or twice a week to get in a great cardio workout.


I don’t eat burgers very often, but I love going to The Counter, a chain that allows you to build your burger any way you want. Most of the locations are in California, but they’re spreading across the country, and to places like Malaysia and the middle east. I designed (and devoured) a burger with cucumbers, sprouts, pickled radish and carrots and roasted tomatoes, with a Thai peanut sauce on the side. And I swapped fries for grilled veggie skewers (not pictured):


I just got home from a few days in Northern California, visiting my brother and his kids. My parents were there, too, so it was fun hanging out with everyone. There were a lot of veggies around, so I made a couple awesome salads, like this one, which had spinach, berries, hard-boiled egg, and peppers:


I ate this salad, with tortellini and a little pesto on top, out on the patio. Why not take an upside-down selfie with a salad?


One night we headed into San Francisco for dinner, eating at Picaro, a Spanish restaurant in the Mission district. We shared a huge seafood paella, which I grew up eating, but haven’t had in months.


That was a carb-laden meal (I ate lots of bread, too), but my other meals that day were very healthy, and plus, I worked out every day on this little trip. I went for three runs and a hike. The hike was to the top of a big hill near my brother’s place. It was a 1200-foot elevation gain, and the reward was an awesome view.


The runs averaged 3 miles each, and my favorite little part was a footbridge that ended in a small stairway.


Between the hike and runs, I traversed nearly 12 miles up north – not too shabby! We also took a little stroll along in the Presidio one afternoon, where I nabbed a selfie with a local landmark:


My final meal up north was fruit and a breakfast sandwich. My mom made me a fried egg and toasted a English muffin (which I kept dry), and I added sliced cucumber and avocado. I always forget how much I like avocado with eggs… I gotta eat that more often!


A couple hours later, I was on a Southwest jet headed back home. When we were about 60 seconds away from landing in Burbank, I wondered if we were passing over any runners in that park… and whether or not they were looking up to get the same awesome view I had a week earlier.

Keep it up, David!


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4 Responses to Photo Explosion

  1. Jeff Dinkin says:

    Thanks for making me really hungry! 🙂

  2. Yun Kim says:

    Hi! which park in Burbank can you see planes go overhead like that? Thank you

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