A Hike in the Mountains, A Walk on the Beach

While racing up a 52-story building certainly burned a lot of calories, it wasn’t the only exercise I got during my weekend in San Francisco. In fact, it wasn’t even the only exercise I got that day!

After my race was over, we headed to a double birthday brunch. My sister-in-law Alexis was celebrating her birthday that day, and Alexis’ mom Veronica’s birthday was the next day, so Alexis’ sister Katharine had that whole side of the family over for a fun afternoon in her backyard. She lives about 5 blocks from the ocean, so at one point, we took a nice 90-minute walk down to the sand and along the water.

It was there that we met a guy walking a family of schnauzers, including three adorable puppies that were only three months old.


We had already enjoyed a delicious spread at Katharine’s, which included tons of fruit and smoked fish. My plate:


And I enjoyed a piece of birthday cake that had strawberries in between the layers.


The next day, Alexis, Steven, my nephews and I all took a nice long hike in the mountains near their home. It was very green, with beautiful rolling hills.


Alexis and I enjoying the views.

The trail passed above Skywalker Ranch, the secluded, George Lucas-owned facility that’s home to Skywalker Sound, the sound effects division of George’s empire:


The lake beyond the main building is man-made and George named it “Ewok Lake.”

My nephews and I, taking a breather on a fence…


…and our new salamander friend, that we found in a drinking trough for horses:


Alexis took the boys back a little early, but Steven and I ended up climbing the trail all the way until it ended, at a fire road. Our hike was 5 miles exactly (and took 2 hours, 40 minutes), and we gained 1,600 feet of elevation. It was slow going on the way down, after Steven took a spill and sprained his ankle, but he toughed it out.

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I also went for a run another morning, running back from the boys’ school after Alexis and I dropped them off (Alexis stayed at the school for a PTA meeting). Their neighborhood is hilly and full of cul-de-sacs, and I got in a good 3.8 miles of ups and downs (in 45 minutes) before calling it a day.

I had eaten a banana and some strawberries before the run, and afterwords, I took some leftover quinoa salad that Alexis had made, and spooned it over raw spinach and peppers.


Whoops, that’s the wrong photo, that’s the quinoa dish the first time we ate it, not the leftovers I had for breakfast. But you know what? I’m tired, so I’m just gonna leave it. The big picture is that I ate well during my trip, and got in a lot of activity, and that’s a good thing, because tomorrow is a weigh-in day.

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to A Hike in the Mountains, A Walk on the Beach

  1. Alexis Garcia says:

    So glad we spent time together this past weekend. I think Eddie wants to follow in his uncles foot steps and do a building stair climb! Nice photos too.

    • David says:

      That would be great if Eddie did a climb! Maybe he can do San Francisco race next year. 🙂 I loved seeing you all last weekend – thanks again for having me! xo

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