I thought I’d be done blogging about my Birthday Burpee experience – especially since my last post was literally titled “I’m DONE with Birthday Burpees!” – but it turns out there’s one little post-script, and it’s this: I woke up the next day in pain.

My last spurt of burpees (230 over two days) apparently aggravated an old injury deep in my left foot. It’s some sort of internal strain or twist or sprain or something, with no visible symptoms. No swelling, no redness, no bruising. Just pain.

This isn’t the first time I’ve felt pain in that part of my foot – it was a much bigger problem last fall, when I couldn’t walk on it at all for a couple days. It was terrible then. This time around, it was moderate, at best. There was a near-constant reminder (thanks to the pain) most of the day on Friday that something was wrong, but it didn’t impact my ability to work.

So I was smart, stayed off my foot as much as possible, elevated it often, and skipped my evening’s workout.


I was hoping that the pain would be gone by Saturday, because I had something big and physical planned on Saturday, and sure enough, it was. (That big Saturday event will be the focus of an upcoming post, and it will have some kick-ass photos!) Turned out my foot just wanted some time to kick back and recover.

There have been times when I’ve not listened to my body and exercised while in pain, and let me tell you, that was a mistake. Don’t do it. It took me a while to learn how to listen to my body, and my body was telling me to take a little break after all those burpees, so I did.

My own body has my back – and it delivered for me on Saturday, in a big way. Can’t wait to tell you all about it! Stay tuned!

Keep it up, David!

PS. The last time my foot was in intense pain, I distracted myself by drawing a killer maze. You can check it out, and download a PDF, by clicking here.


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One Response to Aftermath

  1. Jeff Dinkin says:

    I think your next maze should be foot shaped!

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