I Clean Up Well, Right?

I don’t dress up fancy very often, so I try to take photos when I do. I know for a fact that my mom enjoys seeing them!


I love the sunlight in this photo! I was trying to look mysterious, but it might have come off as a little pained. Whoops.

On Sunday night, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra held their annual gala. It’s the fourth time that I’ve volunteered to help out. It’s a fun event. Everyone is dressed up, there’s a beautiful concert, and there’s a different theme every year. They usually have me help with silent auction stuff: distributing bidder numbers to the guests as they arrive, helping auction winners collect their goods at the end, stuff like that.

The theme this year was “Under a Chinese Moon,” and I posed with the big papier mache ram that was part of the decor.


The ram really wanted a selfie, too, and who was I to say no?


David Suit CROPWhenever I see pictures of me in a suit, I think about the summer of 2009, which was the last time I wore a suit when I was heavy. This picture was taken at my friends Lisa and Matt’s wedding on the Jersey shore (you can click on the pic to see it bigger). Quite a before and after difference, huh?

I ordered that suit out of a Big & Tall catalog. It was my only option, because the Big & Tall stores in my area didn’t have suits that fit me. The jacket is a size 64. The jacket I wore this weekend is a 48L.

That old suit is still in my closet. It’s one of about ten pieces of clothing that I’ve kept from my heavy days, as a reminder of where I’ve come from and what I’ve accomplished.

Another outfit I wore this past weekend is one I wear every weekend (and most weekdays, too): Workout clothes!

On Saturday I headed to the St. Andrews Stairway in Hollywood. This was the first public stairway I ever trained on, starting two years ago, when I would head over after work. It’s been a year since I was there last, and it was good to be back.


The St. Andrews Stairway has 153 stairs. I climbed once as a warm-up, and added my metronome on a second climb, to get used to that. Then I started my main set: eight more climbs, all with the metronome. I bumped the metronome one tempo faster for each climb, and I made myself stick to the metronome, double-stepping the whole way. Not easy.

For the first climb of the set, I set my metronome at 73. By the time I got to my eighth climb, I had bumped it up to 80.  I did one final climb, slowly, as a cool-down.

I kept track of climbs by lining up twigs on a concrete wall. Eleven twigs = eleven climbs!


That’s 1,683 steps! It took me about an hour, and by the end, I was wiped out.

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to I Clean Up Well, Right?

  1. Rere says:

    Great job! God bless you!

  2. Pat says:

    It is crazy that I knew that guy in the suit. Keep it up!

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